It’s difficult for me to walk past a cemetery and not wanting to have a little wander around it. I found these simple structures covered with Giesskannen (watering cans) at a cemetery in Berlin Koepenick. The colours of all the different watering cans look amazing against the lush green background.



Olympiaturm Munich

I think when I retire I will go and travel the world to visit every single telecommunications tower there is. That doesn’t mean I can’t visit them now, so when I was in Munich recently one of the first things I did was go up the Munich Olympiaturm. Although planned before Munich was awarded the 1972 Olympic games it was integrated into the Olympic park and has amazing views over the stunning Olympic stadium, Olympic pool and other buildings as well as the whole city. In fact you can see the Alps on a clear day I have been told.


Bauhaus Dessau

I recently fulfilled one of my lifelong dreams and visited the holy shrine of design and architecture: The Bauhaus in Dessau. When in 1925 the Bauhaus moved from Weimar to Dessau, Walter Gropius, the then director of the Bauhaus, designed the building and it’s still there today, looking as wonderful as always. In fact it must have been quite the sight back in 1926 when it first opened.



The main entrance.


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Even though I went to Australia as my main hoilday earlier this year I still managed to squeeze in the odd long weekend away here and there.

For the last weekend in August I finally managed to cycle for 4 days along the river Ruhr, from the source to where it meets The Rhine, all 230km of it (well, almost all of it as it bucketed it down for one day so we only managed 25km that day before giving up).

So, we started at the source near the town of Winterberg



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Tile tastic!!!

I’ve just come back from a lovely little weekend break to Lisbon which was great, unfortunately the weather wasn’t too great.

Thankfully the city is full of wonderfully cheerful tiles (or to use the local lingo, loads of wonderfully cheerful azulejos) on the buildings which I clearly had to phoptograph. Here is just a small selection of the countless pictures I took. All I need now is a house I can cover with those tiles, sorry, azulejos.



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I don’t know how many of you know Struwwelpeter. Struwwelpeter is a collection of stories of misbehaving children and the disasterous consequences which followed. Think Grimm’s fairytales….but much Grimmer (Ha…you see what I did there!!).

Well, when I was in Frankfurt recently I stumbled upon the Struwwelpeter Museum. On 4 floors you can learn everything about Struwwelpeter, Suppen Kaspar, Hans-Guck-in-die-Luft as well as the author Heinrich Hoffmann.

As a native German of some age now, I remember these stories all too well and consequently must have been a complete angel as a child as I’m sure my parents can confirm. Ahem.

Struwwelpeter Museum 
Schubertstr. 20
60325 Frankfurt am Main
Tel.: +49 (0)69 747969

Nice wheels



Today’s treasure are a couple of pictures of lovely old East German motorbikes!!


Now do you recognise the above? Do you?? You do???

Today I went to see ‘The Young Dürer’ exhibition at the amazing Courtauld Gallery in Central London.  I have honestly no idea why I’ve never been before as it has a relatively small but incredible collection of art. But I digress.

I’m generally not a big fan of Renaissance art but Dürer is a bit of an exception for me. One thing I particularly noticed though is how amazing his monogram is, even more than 500 years after he used it for the first time.

In terms of logos….I think it’s most definitely still up there with the very best.

The exhibition finishes this Sunday the 12th so if you want to see it you better hurry!!

Happy Cars


I don’t own a car but if I would get one, the one in the middle is right up my street. I saw these on Margaret Island in Budapest.

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Happy Monday


Just because it’s Monday, here is a nice picture of a happy light switch I saw in Marrakech earlier this year. Enjoy and be happy!!!

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