July Giveaway

I hope you all saw our newsletter yesterday about our very own CREATE¬†East London Souvenirs. If you haven’t ….go an subscribe NOW.

We thought we should start somthing new, a MONTHLY GIVEAWAY where you can win a fabulous price!! As pour very first one this July we made is extra special and will give away not just one price but a complete set of our Souvenirs (yes, you read correctly….the complete set….all 5 of them!!!). All you need to do is this:

Tell us What is your favourite Souvenir, where is it from and why do you love it so much?? And if possible….send us a picture of it.

You can comment on here, via our Facebook page or simply send us an E-mail to hello@theo-theo.com and put ‘I love Souvenirs’ In the subject box.

We will pick our favourite story at the beginning of August and let you all know. I’m well excited to see what you have to say. Oh I do love a good souvenir I do!!

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  1. George H

    My favourites are definitely the houses. I went to uni in the East End and the Blind Beggar was one of my favourite pubs. I love that it still has a pub ‘cat’ and a roaring fire when it’s tipping it down outside. I also used to live in a house like the one on the far left so looking at these will remind me of my uni days spent prowling the East End!

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