It’s difficult for me to walk past a cemetery and not wanting to have a little wander around it. I found these simple structures covered with Giesskannen (watering cans) at a cemetery in Berlin Koepenick. The colours of all the different watering cans look amazing against the lush green background.



Happy Monday


Just because it’s Monday, here is a nice picture of a happy light switch I saw in Marrakech earlier this year. Enjoy and be happy!!!

Real or Fake


I saw this plant in the stunning gardens of Sissinghurst Castle  (GO and visit if you’ve never been!!) and honestly couldn’t tell if this was real or fake. I know if I was the gardener in charge I’d put a made-up plant out in the gardens each season just for fun. If anyone can tell me what it is…please do. I totally need one for my window plant box.

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Lovely Spoons


You may know by now that I do love a good Souvenir! So when I found this rather lovely collection of vintage souvenir spoons at a car boot sale last weekend I simply couldn’t resist.

These are only a selection, I have about 40 or 50, and once I polish them up a bit (they are silver plated you know!!) I’ll put them onto the site for you to buy if you wish to do so…and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t!!!



I love the colours of these rusty barrels I photographed in Italy recently.

A friendly Hydrant

A friendly Black Forest Hydrant.

Umbrella Graveyard

Rain + Wind + Cheap Umbrellas is NEVER a good combination as London resembled one giant Umbrella Graveyard last weekend.


Super Scaffolding

I have to admit, every time I see some scaffolding I’m amazed it doesn’t fall down. Not a chance for this to happen with this Super Scaffolding I saw in Budapest recently.

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Man Conquers Space

I saw this amazing set of mosaics on a 1970′s East German office block in Potsdam recently. It’s called ‘Man conquers Space’ (Der Mensch bezwingt den Kosmos)  by artist Fritz Eisel. You really can’t get much more Socialist than that.

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Beer Butt Chicken


Damn, just when BBQ season is over I discover the Beer Butt Chicken:

I will definitely put that on the list of things to BBQ next year. Just imagine two or three of those at the same time ‘having a chat’ on the BBQ. Brilliant. Oh, and here is another recipe, but in German/Bavarian: A Bier-Hintern-Hendl.

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