Olympiaturm Munich

I think when I retire I will go and travel the world to visit every single telecommunications tower there is. That doesn’t mean I can’t visit them now, so when I was in Munich recently one of the first things I did was go up the Munich Olympiaturm. Although planned before Munich was awarded the 1972 Olympic games it was integrated into the Olympic park and has amazing views over the stunning Olympic stadium, Olympic pool and other buildings as well as the whole city. In fact you can see the Alps on a clear day I have been told.


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Moody BT

The BT Tower looked particularly moody earlier today!!


Maybe my slight obsession with Towers comes from the fact that I live right next to the Telecom Tower with a great view of it out of my living room window!  So here is just a small selection of images of Towers I’ve taken over the years.

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