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by Cleo Skribent

Write like it’s the year 1565… No, REALLY!!!

The Gessner refillable pencil, designer over 400 years ago, combines tradition with originality.

Conrad Gessner (1516-1565) was a Swiss scientist and inventor and the Gessner pencil was illustrated in one of his many books. It’s made from high-quality cherry wood and comes in a jute pouch.

Hand-made from turned cherry wood.

Replacement graphite refills come in packs of 6 in either 2B or 4B.

Made in Germany

15cm long

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    Gessner PencilOnly one left
  2. £8.95
    Pack of 6 refills - 2BOut of stock - preorder
  3. £8.95
    Pack of 6 refills - 4BOut of stock - preorder

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