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Dots & Spots

by Daniel Emma

We are SO excited to finally be able to show you our new and EXCLUSIVE range of cushions by our good friends Daniel Emma.
Their designs aim to be ‘just nice’ so I’m not sure what went wrong here as they are certainly not ‘just nice’ but positively amazing!!

Made from digitally printed linen/cotton mix.

Made in UK

50 × 50cm

Comes with duck-feather cushion pad.

  1. Dots & Spots - Medium Dots
  2. Dots & Spots - Medium Dots
  3. Dots & Spots - Big Dot
  4. Dots & Spots - Big Dot
  5. Dots & Spots - Small Dots
  6. Dots & Spots - Small Dots
  1. £39.00
    Large Dotplenty in stock
  2. £39.00
    Medium Dots5 in stock
  3. £39.00
    Small Dots6 in stock

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