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Welcome to Theo Theo - Your Chair Haven!

Our site is dedicated to your well being; we want to bring you reviews of the most comfortable and ergonomic chairs that meets your needs. We know how hard you work to deserve a lifestyle, and that is why nothing less comfortable will do.

Our review site is for those that want to replace their older chairs with comfortable, newer, technology backed innovative chairs.

Lastly, We want to help you choose the best stuff for you; whether it is the comfort or the budget, we do not want you to compromise on anything specially if you are to sit on it. 

The Team

theo freeman

Theo Freeman

Site Owner / Writer

Theo is the owner of the site and an avid lifestyle blogger. He has majored in designing with chair furniture and home interiors as his mainstay.

Theo is very fond of minimalistic design and is a specialist in apartment-friendly space-saving furniture.

priscilla barton

Priscilla Barton

Researcher / Writer

Priscilla has a master's in occupational therapy and a freelance writer. She's an expert in writing about upholstery articles. She has a passion for providing the readers with facts to make the right choice. She shares informative pointers with the audience to make their life better.

jonathan brown

Peter Dawson

Photographer / Writer

Jonathan Brown is a 47-year-old creative blogger. He holds a great passion for home décor and interior design. With hands-on experience in decorating various spaces, he’s well aware of minimalistic design.