Best Gaming Chairs for Big and Tall Guys in 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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It is all legit when you are continuously looking out for the best gaming mice, the best consoles, and the best keyboards.

But when you are a big and tall guy, checking out the best gaming chair is equally important to prevent backpain.

Continuously spending hours together sitting can put a lot of strain on your spine, leading to chronic backaches.

"Prevention is indeed better than cure."

A quintessential gaming chair is essential to prevent fatigue from sitting long hours at gaming.

Gamers that pack in 8 to 10 hours of gaming cannot sit on just any other executive type office chair.

But what happens when you are big and taller than average inbuilt? Don’t worry, we got you covered!

Comparison Chart

1. E-WIN Gaming Big & Tall Office Chair

Best Gaming Chair For Tall Person

This statuesque chair is a whopping 21.7 inches wide and is roomier than any other chair in this segment. The chair features an integrated metal frame for strength and stability. It has a rust-proof coat of paint that is entirely eco-friendly and conforms to the E1 standards of European Safety.

The spring employs class 4 explosion-proof gas that is very easy to handle. The heavy-duty five-pointed base and the smooth and quiet wheels and casters make sure you are safe, comfortable, and enjoying great gaming sessions. It surprisingly affordable and can easily hold 400 pounds!


  • Big and tall man design
  • Ergonomic
  • Takes 400 pounds of weight easily
  • Wide seat
  • High back
  • Adjustable armrest


  • The seat height can be a dicey area.
  • The seat rocks only when it is reclined
  • The wheels may need to get to the repair shop quite often


The chair comes with a class 4 explosion-proof gas spring and a heavy-duty five-pointed base for sturdiness.

2. BOSSIN Gaming Chair

Most Value For Your Hard Earned Cash

​If you are a big guy and you are now terribly fatigued because you cannot fit into dwarf chairs, here is the good news for you! Bossin makes a great comeback with this massively comfortable chair that is not just wide at the seat but has a higher backrest, and long armrests, and hold your breath. It has a soft and plush footrest too!

Can you believe that there is a comfortable gaming chair out there that will take all of you and even let you lie reclined over it without making one creak of a sound? Sounds incredible? You must give it a try. And make sure you tell your tribe about it that you read about it here first.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Large seat, wider and taller backrest
  • Swivels 360 degrees
  • Tilts from 90 degrees to 155 degrees
  • Class 3 gas lift for height adjustment
  • Stylish


  • The chair rocks only when tilted maximum
  • Quality of the wheels is an issue
  • The logo is too on the face but ok


This affordable gaming chair makes a great gifting option. The customer service is responsive and straightforward. You will love this one.

3. Homall Racing Type Gaming Chair

The Editor’s Choice

​​We believe you when you tell us that it is frustrating to find the right chair. It can take weeks and sometimes months to get around to a chair that is made for your body type. A gaming chair should nest your body correctly; otherwise, you will end up with chronic pain in the shoulder, neck, and back!

The frame has to be sturdy as much as the base of the chair so as not to give away at any point in time. And since you are spending a fortune procuring one, it should last you a decent amount of time. Fortunately, Homall racing type gaming chair ticks all the boxes. Have you tried it yet?


  • Made with skin-friendly PU leather
  • Has high-density filler foam
  • 1.8 mm thick steel frame to maintain contour
  • Can take up to 300 pounds
  • Sturdy five-pointed base
  • Rubber wheels that are quiet and non-marking


  • The smell from the new chair is nauseating and stays for weeks
  • The armrests are not adjustable
  • The backrest may not be high enough for everyone.


This reclining big boy chair is perfect for any room. If you are not gaming, use it as a computer desk chair or an executive chair in your office. All seven colors are fantastic.

4. AKRacing Executive Type Chair

The Heavy Duty Gaming Chair

If you think that you have seen it all, wait till you see this one! This rock star of gaming chairs is going to make you go weak in the knees!!

It is not often that you buy something, either physically from stores or online, that makes you happy every time that you look at it. This is perhaps one of those things that will make you smile each time you sit on it or spend quality hours gaming or climbing the corporate ladder.

Every little part of the chair is thoughtfully crafted and brilliantly designed so that the end result is stunning.


  • Has flat, comfortable seat
  • Supports a whopping 400 pounds
  • Five excellent color options available
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • High density cured foam luxurious padding
  • Comes with five years of manufacturer’s guarantee


  • Can set you on a budget wrap
  • The seat may be too wide for family members if you share
  • The seat height is high even when the lowest


The chair frame is made from a high-quality aluminum frame that sits atop a sturdy five-pointed steel frame and massive sized rubber wheels with high quality 2.5 inches caster. We told you this is a stunner!

5. BestOffice Computer Desk Chair

Easy To Adjust Gaming Chair

This ergonomic chair is so wide that a big guy (and gal) like you is going to fit in nicely and still have room on the sides. If you like to undo all the damage that your previous chairs have done to you, this is one that you must be going for.

The mechanisms are entirely adjustable and very easy to reach levers and buttons. The human-oriented ergonomic control ensures that you do not have to overstretch yourself while adjusting the swivel or the tilt or the rocking features on your chair.


  • Comes in five lovely solid colors
  • Seat is wide and roomy
  • Relieves stress and pain
  • BIFIMA certified components
  • Supports 250 plus pounds
  • Comes with all hardware and tools for easy installation


  • The chair feels too light and flimsy
  • The quality has small issues per some customers
  • The wheels are substandard and make a lot of noise


The seat is padded and contoured with high-quality PU leather and has high-density sponge cushioning. You can sit in it at long stretches of time and still not feel fatigued.

Buyer's Guide

Why is it that you must go for a gaming chair? 

Well, you could settle down for a standard office chair too? A gaming chair has way too many benefits over an office chair.

- It is designed in a way that it ably enhances your gaming experience.
- It is the last word in comfort when it comes to chairs that you can spend almost one-third of your day
- Looks smart and stylish (no denying that)
- Feels uber-luxurious when you sit on it
- Crafted with a lot of thought
- Has high-quality material and components that are often certified from big quality assurance institutions.
- You can play on them with unnecessary interruptions and interludes
- Say bye to all kinds of nagging pains and aches that you can develop by sitting for very long hours. these chairs have specifically designed neck and lumbar support to ensure that the spine takes the natural shape on them.

Taking the strain off your back is the best thing to do:

When you are sitting, you must ensure that your vertebral column is precisely perpendicular to your seat. It is possible that when you are seated for very long hours, you tend to slouch and spoil for posture. A gaming chair that is designed for prolonged usage will ensure that you are sitting up straight always.

Best gaming chair for tall and big people must have a: 

  • Sturdy base
  • Strong frame
  • Give maximum support
  • Come with high-quality upholstery
  • Wider seat that is higher from the ground
  • High backrest and longer armrest

Everyone deserves the best furniture:

It’s unfair. It is unjust when you realize that the furniture market is flush with the latest models of gaming chairs but nothing that will fit you comfortably. As if the big and tall guys have lesser problems, there is an abject and acute dearth of the best gaming chairs for big guys!

The standard gaming chair is different from the best gaming chair for a heavy person. For the starter, the bucket seats are very narrow and non-functional for them. Add the side bolsters, and it can end up making the chair seat all the more narrow.

The side bolsters are also very lightly padded as they made of metal, and they can hurt bigger men and cause them acute inconvenience when they have to sit for long hours.

What exactly the problem is:

- Most gaming chairs are made with narrow dimensions in mind.
- They also have a low weight allowance of about 220 pounds plus or minus ten-twenty pounds.

The price conundrum:

Assuming that you do find a chair that is an excellent fit for you, you will see that it is much pricier than the standard ones in the same range. The fact is that they are so less common that furniture manufacturers treat them as niche furniture and charge a premium on it.

The standard economics rule of demand and supply comes into play here. Since the demand is so high and the supply so short, manufacturers who do make them are laughing all the way to the banks.


What are the different materials used for big and tall gaming chairs?

The two most common materials are Fabric upholstery and leather (both genuine and faux).

What upholstery do most big gamers prefer?

Leather chairs have a smooth surface and provide ultimate comfort as long as the gaming session lasts.

How is a chair made of chassis better for bigger and taller gamers than one without it?

A chair made of chassis is sturdier, stronger and provides the gamer with maximum support.

Why is it essential for a big and tall gaming chair to have long, sturdy armrests?

Longer armrests help align the arms with the desk or the screen in front of you. This position can prevent undue pressure on your chest, indirectly leading to slouching.


The time has come for us to recommend that one chair that has impressed us thoroughly.

E-Win racing style gaming chair for a tall and heavy person is the one that is going to take home the top honors.

It has a 21.7 inches wide seat and a 3.9 inches adjustable armrest. It follows the E1 certification and is exceptionally comfortable.

The swivel is maximum at 360 degrees, and the tilt functions range between 85 and 155 degrees.

It also comes with a 90 days money-back guarantee. Try it!

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