1 Best Gaming Chairs Under $100 in 2021 - Reviews & Guide

Best Gaming Chairs Under $100 in 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Gaming is a great way to rejuvenate your self!

Gaming can relax you for a while and boost your energy to get back into form after a tiring day.

What can make you feel supported and comfortable at the same time? Have you heard of the best gaming chair?

Let us go check it out right away!

Comparison Chart

1. X Rocker V Rocker Floor Gaming Chair

Best Overall

A gaming chair with an all-round purpose is highly recommended. X Rocker V Rocker is just the best ergonomic gaming chair under 100 with complete features.

It is a lounging gaming chair that can be used for playing video games, watching TV and relaxing to read books and listen to music.

This product accommodates a wireless audio transmission. There is the subwoofer system set at the back and two speakers just next to the headrest for rocking music experience during play.

Cleaning and maintaining the product is a simple and easy process.


  • Breathable foam material gives a comfortable feel
  • Padded and oversized in design to accommodate 275 lbs of weight
  • Adjustable bass and volume control near the headrest
  • Plugin the facility for headphones available
  • Compatible with Xbox and PlayStation


  • The chair is slightly unstable while getting up and sitting back again


It is a lightweight product that is easy to carry and flexible for long hours of usage. The sound system is an excellent addition for the entire rocking support.

2. OFM Essential Collections Racing Style Gaming Chair

For flexible & Quality Experience

​A comfortable and luxury gaming chair is always a preferred option. OFM Gaming chair has convenient features for extreme comfort and race car style characteristics.

There is an integrated padded arm and headrest. It gives a relaxed gaming experience when used continuously for a long duration of time.

Cleaning can be done easily anytime. The quality of support rendered to the body muscles through segmented padding is extremely appreciable.

It is ergonomic and swivels with 360 degrees in nature. You can adjust the height with flip-up arms and also center-tilt control with the reclining facility.


  • Premium quality leather for extreme durability
  • Contrasting color gives a fantastic color to the total appearance
  • It can easily hold up to 275 lbs
  • Highly reliable
  • Works as a good office desk chair for extended workdays as well


  • The material on the chair is slightly hard initially


On the whole, it is the best way to feel comfortable and play long hours with ease. It has all the essential features at its best!

3. Jummico Gaming Chair

Good Design for Extra Comfort

​When design and quality are set best, it can be the best ever-reliable product. Jummico Gaming Chair is one such product.

The designers have considered the body’s natural shape for a relaxing gaming experience. Premium leather gives a soothing experience and helps you feel completely at ease.

It is extra-large in length for accommodating the shoulders, neck, and head completely. High-density foam filling is used to ensure durability.

The colors and the embroidery patterns also stay impressive for your home décor.

Maintaining the product by frequent cleaning will help the luster stay long!


  • Used for multiple purposes; gaming, working, watching TV, studying
  • Has 360 degrees swivel and smooth-rolling casters
  • Adjustable backrest for the required flexibility
  • It can handle a maximum load capacity of 300 lbs


  • · Packaging and delivery facilities can be better


Multifunctional products with substantial features can help people enjoy the best gaming features. The extent of durability and reliability is way beyond expectations in this product.

4. AuAg Gaming Chair

Premium Quality

AuAg is undoubtedly designed for pro gamers! It’s a high back gaming chair with thick cushions for maximum comfort.

Antioxidant, wear-resistant, skin-friendly leather material is used for extra care. This product is extremely sturdy and stable, as well.

It will serve the purpose of a desk office chair as well. There is this option of 360 degrees swirling and 90 – 170 degrees recline.

The load capacity is set at 300 lbs and sufficient enough!

It is easy to set up and convenient to use it for long hours as well.


  • Smooth design protects the floor
  • Silent making reduces noise levels while moving around
  • Strong pneumatic rods and the thickened base for strong support
  • Strong plasticity used to improve the life of the chair


  • Need to be handled carefully; screws get lightened, and parts rip off otherwise.


It is a smooth, silent, and sturdy product for long time usage. It is a conservative product with the necessary features.

5. Polar Aurora Gaming Chair

Ergonomically the Best

Convenient adjustments and good quality design make Polar Aurora gaming chairs very common.

It has a high back and a lock angle set between 90 – 160 degrees for tilting adjustment according to priorities.

The chair can swirl 360 degrees and is multifunctional.

The cushion and padded support help you enjoy gaming for longer durations. The high-quality PU leather material ensures durability and reliability at its best.

It can support a maximum of 300 lbs weight.


  • The caster wheels are elegant and easy to move
  • Looks stylish and fits an excellent home décor
  • Headrest pillow and lumber cushion are rich in quality


  • Maintenance and careful usage is necessary to let the product stay durable.


This product ensures body support at its best with various accessories in premium quality. The headrest and lumber support is just the best.

Buyer's Guide

Buying the best PC gaming chair under 100 can be a major requirement when you have children at home. However, getting the safest product is a necessity. What is the best way to get the right product? Here is a brief to help you out!

How to Choose the Best Gaming Chair under $100? 

There are several aspects to consider here. What suits someone else need not necessarily suit you! We have detailed a few points that you need to look upon.

1. Comfort – Gaming is an activity that does not last for a few minutes. You spend hours discovering your favorite game and another few hours in mastering it. When you play for long hours, you need to feel comfortable to stay active.

2. Material – When you look for comfort, the primary aspect is material. Look for good and quality foam that seems durable for long term usage. It needs to be padded and segmented appropriately to get the custom fit. This will help you get away from exhaustion.

3. Armrests – When you play for many hours, the entire pressure exists on the wrist and the arms. So, the armrest provided should be vital and well designed. The armrests have to be adjustable so that you set your preference as desired. Positioning the height and angle becomes crucial.

4. Body Support – Back strain is a common aspect when you play for longer durations. The chair has to be sufficiently supportive of the curve on your lower back. It should provide a good posture and regulate the strain that develops on the spine.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Gaming Chair? 

A gaming chair is considered best compared to the standard office chairs for many reasons. Here are the benefits:

1. It minimizes the stress caused on the neck and shoulders when you sit and work or play for a long time. They are incredibly comfortable and help you get relaxed in a short period of time. When muscles work more than the usual extent, they get into chronic pain. The gaming chair will relieve you from this pain as you start using the chair regularly.

2. The gaming chair supports a healthy posture with a padded backrest, neck pillow, shoulder support, lumber pillow, adjustable armrests, padded seat, and also a 360-degree swivel. It can handle a reasonable amount of weight and helps you stay comfortable. This ergonomic support will boost your energy and increase your focus. The core strength of your body develops and improves blood circulation as well.

What are the External Attributes that you Need to Focus On? 

If you wish to energize and attribute your gaming experience with entertainment, look for gaming chairs with media features!

Products are have wireless audio systems that are equipped with speakers on the sides.

You can control the quality of music and the extent of volume by sitting the chairs itself.

Also, you can enhance the home décor by getting a stylish product with elegant and contrasting colors with good stitches.

It looks even unique when there are scintillating lights to bring the theatre effect for more thrill.

Set a theme and get your room gaming room complete with the best gaming chair!

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

How to use a gaming chair correctly?

A good gaming chair will serve the purpose right when it is used correctly. Firstly, you must adjust the seat height. Ensure your feet can go flat, and the knees form a proper 90-degree angle. Secondly, adjust the armrest height. The arms should stay relaxed without straining or lifting the shoulders. Next, tilt the chair with a straight back posture.

Finally, adjust the height once again per the desk height. The forearms should be at a right angle and in line with the surface of the desk. Also, adjust the screen size based on the eye level to reduce the strain on the neck and shoulders.

What are the notable precautions for using the best gaming chair?

Ensure the product is made up of good material to avoid allergies and skin infections. Set the adjustments right to get it into a safe and proper posture. Allow for sufficient movement, as flexibility is undoubtedly necessary.

The make of the product and the connections should be at its best for preventing sudden damage. Get a gaming chair that can accommodate moderate weight at least to feel comfortable. These preliminary factors can suffice for a good and safe product!

What is the right age to start using a gaming chair?

There are specific gaming chairs specially designed for children. For adults, the height and the weight that the chair can accommodate become important.

How to clean and maintain a gaming chair?

You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean away the debris present within. A quality surface cleaner on a paper towel can help you clean the padded area. A microfiber cloth with rubbing alcohol can clean the casters thoroughly.


There are many people in the world suffering from health issues associated with bad posture. It can lead to obesity and other associated health disorders in a short period.

Going further, the muscles get weakened and let you go lethargic.

The real focus of working or gaming will vanish when you get used to the cheap chairs available in the market. We have discussed some of the primary aspects of getting the best gaming chair.

Read different reviews based on these factors and choose the ideal option for your needs. Focus on posture, support, and comfort more than the additional entertainment features!

A good gaming chair is always a perfect one-time investment. Do not try to compromise on that!

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