1 Best Leather Sofas in 2021 - Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Leather Sofas in 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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There are so many options for the latest designs of modern leather sofa sets. Choosing one that best suits you is not an easy task.

You need to consider several things to get the best leather sofas. Such include design, colour, size, as well as the cushions.

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Comparison Chart

1. Stone and Beam Tufted Leather Sofa

Genuine Leather Upholstery & Modern Design

Designed to give comfort combined with elegance.

This Stone and Beam sofa undoubtedly add elegance to any living room. It has a luxurious leather upholstery, which comes in eight distinct colors.

The loveseat sofa has two different dimensions. Nonetheless, the quality and design remain the same.

The first sofa has dimensions of 78.9 x 39 x 30.3 inches. These represent the width, depth and height, respectively.

The width, depth and height of the other sofa are 92.9 x 39 x 330.3 respectively. The only difference between these two is the width.

Stone and Beam leather sofa have pure leather upholstery and a kiln-dried wooden frame. As such, it has superior durability, unlike any other leather sofa.

It has a classic modern design which features hand-tailored buttons and tufts.

The wood frame used in its construction is 50% recycled. It reinforces the sofa’s back and sides, thus enhancing its overall quality.

It has thick wood legs which give it stability and support. It also has a poly-wrapped high-density foam which keeps the cushions springy.

The leather upholstery is easy to clean and requires low maintenance. You only need to wipe it with a dry soft cloth or vacuum lightly.


  • The sofa’s engineered solid wood frame and legs gives it strong support and durability.
  • The sofa has a modern style that brings elegance in your living room.
  • The seat is reversible since you can spin it at 360 degrees.
  • It has a sturdy leather upholstery.
  • It is easy to care for and keep clean.
  • Its legs are easy to attach.
  • Has a three-year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • The sofa is more expensive than its counterparts.


This sofa is good for you if you want to give your room that appealing look in addition to comfort.

2. Top Grain Rivet Andrews Leather Sofa

Best Value for your Money

Long-lasting foam padding and top grain leather for extra comfort.

This loveseat sofa has an attractive leather upholstery, which comes in six different colors. The seat has removable seat and back cushions, which makes it easy to keep clean.

The sofa has a long-lasting foam padding which enhances user’s comfort. It has a sturdy hardwood frame to improve its stability and support.

Rivet Andrews top grain sofa comes in two different dimensions. The first one has a width of 67 inches and a depth of 37 inches. Its height is 36 inches, from the floor to the top of the seatback.

The second Rivet has a width, depth and height of 82 x 37 x 36 respectively. The quality and features of these two sofas are similar.

The only difference is the width and of course the prices. The one with a greater width cost slightly more.

During shipment, the sofa comes intact, so you don’t have to do any assembly. Its top grain leather and contemporary style is a plus to any living space.

Always avoid moisture on your sofa. Therefore, it is recommendable to use a soft dry cloth for cleaning.


  • It is super-comfortable. Its actual seating depth is 22 inches and has a thick cushion of 27 inches.
  • It has a contemporary yet timeless design which gives it a modern look.
  • Its tapered legs and wood framing make the sofa sturdy and durable.
  • It has an easy-to-care top grain leather upholstery.
  • Has a one-year warranty and a free 30-days return.
  • The sofa comes fully assembled.
  • It is less expensive than other sofas of its kind


  • It quickly shows scratches if pets access it. As such, it requires close monitoring and regular leather treatment.


Works well if you love top quality for best value.

3. Rivet Revolve Leather Sofa

Looks Great with Almost All Décor Designs

​A unique design that can blends well with most décor designs.

This leather sofa has six cushions. It has a simple design that features lines, tall legs and square armrests.

Nonetheless, this makes it a perfect fit for most décor designs. It has a solid wood frame and legs and appealing leather upholstery.

These features give the sofa a classic modern look. They also make it feel comfortable and sturdy.

It comes with simple assembling instructions and can take about 15 minutes to put together. It is easy to clean and comes with a full year warranty.

The Revolve leather sofa has an impressive width of 79.9 inches. Its depth and height are 34.6 and 35.4 inches, respectively.

The couch is also friendly for pets and does not leave claw marks.


  • The sofa comes with excellent quality for the price.
  • It is a stylish coach and is suitable for most décors.
  • It has a streamlined design which features clean lines making the sofa look classic.
  • It is sturdy because of the tapered legs and solid wood framing.
  • Its upholstery requires less maintenance and is cozy.
  • Easy assembling
  • Excellent delivery to your doorstep after purchase


  • This Rivet brand does not ship internationally to most countries


Suitable for you if you have pets and still would like to experience the comfort and elegance.

4. Stone and Beam Charles Oversized Leather Sofa

High-Quality Leather

High quality leather coupled with sufficient sitting space.

Stone and Beam Charles is an extra-large sofa that offers ultimate comfort to the user. Its arms are traditionally rolled, and it has turned wooden legs.

The sofa has a width of 92 inches and a height of 38 inches. Its overall depth is 39 inches while its seating depth is 23 inches.

Its upholstery is made of 100% cowhide leather and a sturdy hardwood frame. Just as its name suggests, the sofa is big enough for people and pets.

It is incredibly easy to assemble and clean. The sofa not only has a classic look, but it is also sturdy and comfortable. It has a top-grain leather finishing on the upholstery, making it more durable.

The sofa’s back cushions are intact while its seat cushions are loose. The sofa comes with a three-year warranty plus a return period of 30 days.


  • The upholstery 100% genuine leather which is an assurance of durability
  • It comes with a three-year warranty from the manufacturer
  • It is beautiful and has an appealing design
  • It is extensive and large enough to give extra comfort
  • Big and weighty people can comfortably sit on this couch
  • Due to its vast width, it makes a room look cozy


  • Cowhide leather loses its firmness after some time


It is most suitable for you if you desire to have a sofa that offers both a large sitting space and comfort.

5. Rivet Aiden Tufted Leather Sofa

Best Impressive Design

Designed to offer both visual and comfort appeal.

It comes with a great design that is extremely impressive. It is usually a remarkable sight in your sitting room.

It consists of a long-fixed bench seat cushion, and two back cushions. It also has tapered wood legs Its cushion style is a long, fixed bench sofa. This sofa has thin wood legs and two back cushions. It also has soft bolster pillows that add extra comfort.

The Aiden leather sofa is suitable for homeowners who like affordable but stylish furniture. Its removable bolster pillow gives this leather brand a mid-century, clean appeal.

Besides, this sofa offers visual and comfort appeal. Such goes well with any apartments or home interiors. Its sleek feel and mid-century looks are excellent, and they can complement any décor.

Another crucial feature is the sturdy hardwood legs. The legs come with a design that supports tear and wear and lasts long.

The seats have a fitting and comfortable depth and height. Likewise, the seats lean also have a depth that allows for utmost comfort.

Rivet Aiden leather sofa comes with high standard tufted leather bench sofas. This feature gives you a deep cushioning, comfortable sitting experience. Also, you get firm padding because of the tufted leather.

Another great feature is that the back seat is both reversible and removable. This feature makes it easy to clean the sofa.

 The legs of the sofa are also easy to assemble. To clean this sofa, you only require to wipe it with a soft dry cloth.

This chair is a soft top-grain leather sofa. Its frame is of a solid hardwood frame.

The Rivet Aiden sofa is most suitable for homes with small dimensions and studio apartments. It comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Its legs are simple to assemble
  • It comes with a classic and sleek design
  • It has smooth top-grain leather with a premium finish
  • It has a one-year warranty
  • Its back-seat cushion is removable hence easy to clean


  • Expensive for some homes


Very convenient for those homeowners who desire to have affordable but stylish furniture.

Buyer's Guide

Leather sofas are stylish, durable and attractive. They come in a variety of colors and designs.

Genuine leather is known to stand the test of time. It is also durable even when you have pets in your house.

Many people make the mistake of buying a leather sofa at first sight. It is essential to take time and find out critical details about an excellent leather couch.

Buying a leather sofa is a huge investment since most of them are generally expensive. As such, you wouldn’t want to make any mistake after paying heavily for a couch.

A real leather sofa will give you years of satisfaction and comfort. It should also enhance your living space décor.

Here are critical factors to consider to select the best leather sofa.

  • Quality of the Leather

    Leather is a natural product and comes in varying types. The highest leather quality is top-grain.

    It is available in natural hide texture and also markings. It is durable, firm and moisture resistant.

    You can know it because it has a more uniform color than other leather types. Also, it comes in small patches which are mostly visible on the side panels and back.

    Avoid cheap leather seats because genuine leather is pricey due to its quality.

  • Construction Materials

    Different leather sofas are constructed using a variety of materials. As such, the sofa's materials are vital details to consider.

    The most durable and best leather sofa is the one that has solid hardwood frames. Softwood and plastic frames are neither sturdy nor durable.

    Kiln-dried wood is the most recommendable because it has superior stability and durability.

  • The Leather Finishing

    You should be very careful when checking the leather finishing of a sofa.

    Some manufacturers just use cheap plastic material in a sofa's upholstery. Others spray synthetic polyurethane on bonded leather to make it resemble genuine leather.

    As such, ensure you go for a leather sofa that has aniline dye finishing. The dye helps natural leather to retain its texture and gives it color.

  • Type of Cushions

    Most leather sofas have a dense polyurethane foam padding. In most cases, these cushions are firm, durable and offer the necessary support.

    On the other hand, there are cushions which have a synthetic foam. They tend to be softer and gives a luxurious feel.

    Cushions that contain down only are not good at all. They quickly lose their shape and requires regular fluffing.

  • The Décor of Your House

    Leather sofas have a variety of appealing colors. As such, there is a high possibility of choosing a color that is most appealing to your eyes.

    However, you should always have in mind the theme of your house. Go for a color that compliments your existing furniture, carpets or décor.


Holy long can a leather sofa last?

Genuine, high-quality leather can last 25 years and beyond. It ages gracefully and, in most cases, left as an inheritance to your offspring.

Will my leather coach peel off with time?

Leather is a natural product and does not peel or crack under normal conditions. However, the colorants and finishes used on it peel with time.

As such, you should use leather treatments on your sofa once in a while. Doing so helps maintain a good appearance and increases its durability.

Also, use of wrong cleaning products on the leather can damage it. Chemicals tend to rub off the leather topcoat making it crack or peel.

The best way to dust a leather sofa is by using a soft dry piece of cloth.

How can I distinguish between genuine and fake leather?

You can distinguish genuine leather from fake on by its smell and texture.

Genuine leather is soft and warm when you touch it. It has a rich and appealing aroma. Also, this leather has small patches visible on the edges.

Fake leather produces unpleasant smell due to the chemicals used. It also appears to have a very uniform and smooth edge.

How can I fix scratches on my leather sofa?

Using cotton wool, rub some olive oil into the scratch. Allow it to stay for about an hour and then wipe it off.

If the scratch persists, repeat the process but allow the oil to stay a little longer. Olive oil is also useful in conditioning leather and making it softer.

Why is a leather sofa better than a fabric one?

High-end leather sofas have higher durability than the average fabric coaches. They are less prone to stains and also easy to clean.

Leather sofas require less maintenance, unlike fabrics that need regular washing to keep fresh. Leather does not absorb dust or smell, unlike fabric.


Leather is a luxurious brand that is popularly known for its quality and class. The genuine leather is a natural product, and it makes the majority of the upholstered furniture.

Real leather sofas are the most durable in the furniture industry. If they are given the right treatment and care, they can last for decades.

After much research, we found five amazing leather sofas, as discussed above. Though all of them are recommendable, the winner of the roundup is Stone and Beam Tufted Leather Sofa.

It has pure leather upholstery and kiln-dried wooden frame. These features give it supreme durability and support, making it the best leather sofa.

Stone and Beam Tufted sofa have a classic modern design. It features hand-tailored buttons and tufts.

The sofa has thick wood legs for better stability and support. It also has high-density foam cushions to enhance the user’s comfort.

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