Best Massage Chairs Under $1000 in 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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An article in the January 2020 edition of a popular home interiors magazine carried information on the best massage chair, the best massage chair pad, and the best back massage chair. The article listed the best products in these categories, their features and where they could be bought. There were testimonials from satisfied customers who had used the product for some time now.

What Do I Get for Under $1000?

However, you might be concerned as to what features you will get with a massage chair in the budget of $1,000. If we look up additional resources, you would be convinced that most budget chairs come with a zero-gravity reclining function.

This function enables the body weight to be distributed evenly across the chair, making the body relax completely. It makes one feel light. The airbag powered massage nodes mechanism of the massage chair offers a superlative massage session.

They target shoulders, arms, legs, calves, back, and neck, the primary stress areas to minimize the accumulated stress in these parts.

Then there are four to six (depending on the brand and manufacturer) pre-set automatic massage options to aid in recovery along with relaxation. Besides, some brands also allow customized massage options.

Here, you can set your type of preferred massage, intensity, speed, and time.

The massage chairs also offer foot massage. Massage rollers in the footrest of the chair target acupuncture points within the feet. This stimulates muscle relaxation while at the same time increasing blood circulation. This leads to a better flow of oxygen and blood in the body.

It enables the heart, lungs, and muscles to function efficiently. Good circulation also means good immunity from diseases.

Some massage chairs have a computerized scan technology, whereby the chair traces the spine of the patient and offers a massage to those points where it is needed.

The waist or lower back heating mechanism in massage chairs is specifically targeted towards the areas which have the highest risk of being prone to stress.

Some massage chairs have an integrated USB charging feature. Thus, one can continue using their phone while it gets charged.

Some brands of massage chairs come even with Bluetooth-enabled facilities and speakers.

Besides, some massage chairs can be used as recliners when not in massage mode. So, no need for a separate recliner.

So Do Massage Chairs Help Only with Regular Pain and Stress?

It is interesting to know that massage chairs are indeed helpful in alleviating some other health conditions, too, other than daily stress.

Patients with cases of Fibromyalgia or acute pain in muscles and tenderness in parts of the body were administered massage therapy.

The therapy was given for over 5 weeks, and improvement from pain, anxiety, and depression was reported.

Also, massage therapy is beneficial to patients with limited mobility, the elderly, or the disabled.

Also, muscles that have become tight from sneezing and coughing in the allergy season can be eased with massage therapy. Allergies are the result of a weakened immunity system.

A massage therapy substitutes drugs to boost the immune system and relieve sinusitis. When complemented with exercise and nutrition, a massage brings about a significant decrease in allergy symptoms.

As per research, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) affects one in five Americans when there is an impending long winter. Its less severe form, winter blues, affects a larger population.

If not checked, it can lead to depression. Massage therapy helps improve one’s reactions to negative influences such as anxieties, disorders, and even weather.

A massage can;

  • Minimize anxiety and depression when combined with care, just as that provided by psychotherapy.
  • Lead to an increase in neurotransmitters that lower anxiety and reduce hormones that increase stress.
  • Bring about a reduction in heart rate, systolic, and diastolic blood pressure.

Bring about an overall improvement in mental health.

Another instance when a massage chair proves to be beneficial is in ameliorating chronic pos -surgical pain. A massage reduces surrounding discomfort and re-aligns muscles and joints.

Besides, having your massage chair makes it easily accessible, unlike the ones at the salon where you have to take an appointment.

Comparison Chart

1. OOTORI Full Body Electric Massage Chair

Suave & Compact Massage Chair

A massage chair approved by the FDA, it is ideal for your home. Its 8-roller smart-massage system automatically traces the contours of the back and adapts to the shape of the body, thus giving a customized massage.

In-built air massage works with the roller system for a full-body massage. The zero-gravity technology ensures total relaxation.Enter your text here...


  • The massage chair is upholstered with luxury and high-quality soft and durable synthetic leather.
  • 4 pre-programmed automatic massage modes to choose from.
  • It comes with a neck massager.
  • Enables to customize the intensity, type, speed, and location of the massage.
  • 3-stage button-operated zero-gravity function.
  • Its 8-point massage system provides Shiatsu, kneading, tapping, and knocking functions.
  • The waist-heating function with two lumbar heaters promotes blood circulation.
  • Foot rollers massage specific acupuncture points to enhance your relaxation experience further. This, coupled with an automatic air massage system, works to apply pressure on legs for a soothing experience.
  • Bluetooth-enabled on the seat with 3D Surround Sound Music with Dolby effect.


  • Not recommended for exceptionally tall people.
  • Initially, the massage may seem hard.
  • The chair does not adjust as per the person’s height and size.
  • Some areas are not well-padded, and head height does not adjust.

Our Finding:

A professional-grade massage chair ideal for a home. A compact model with fantastic functionality.

2. BestMassage Zero Gravity Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

Elegant & Modest Massage Chair

This L-Track roller mechanism-based massage chair has 7 massage modes. Strategically-located airbags on the buttocks, thighs, and calves make relaxation a better experience.

Zero-gravity massage chairs support the neck, back, and lumbar, making you almost weightless and stress-free.


  • Long L-Track system is more suitable for the body as it goes down below the waist down to the calves. The rollers glide down below the seat from the upper back.
  • Zero-gravity massage chairs to elevate legs up to heart, thus relieving back pain.
  • Choose from kneading, knocking, rack, tapping, Shiatsu, kneading, and tapping.
  • Strategically-located airbags at buttocks, calves, and thighs combine with heat therapy to recover faster and improve blood circulation.
  • Several airbags at hip and waist inflate for compression massage to align lower back and pelvis.
  • Similar such airbags on back and sides of the legs inflate for compression massage.
  • It comes with a control panel for a more convenient operation.
  • Bluetooth connectivity and built-in speaker
  • Charge your phone or tablet with a USB plug.


  • May not be ideal for people with a heavier frame.
  • Not suitable for people with large calves.
  • Backrest has insufficient padding.
  • Not perfect to sleep in.
  • Massage rollers may not reach back of the thigh.
  • The chair does not message head, only upper neck.
  • Item ships only to 48 states of the USA.

Our Finding:

A cozy, not-so-bulky massage chair with a USB charger and Bluetooth.

3. R Rothania Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

Swanky & Compact Massage Chair

A zero-gravity massage chair that operates on airbag technology for compression massage from shoulders to calves. Also, it includes features such as back rollers, foot rollers, and foot heating.


  • The zero-gravity function that offers complete relaxation.
  • 8 massage points in conjunction with other areas to provide an excellent relaxing experience.
  • Airbags at shoulders, lower back, hips, and thighs inflate or deflate, causing stretch and twists to the body.
  • Several airbags on sides and behind legs and feet that inflate for compression massage.
  • The bottom spinning roller applies a concentrated point kneading massage.
  • 2 airbags to apply a deep massage to forearms and wrists.
  • 2 heating pads in the lower back area for an enhanced experience.
  • It comes with a large LCD and 19 buttons to experience a professional massage.


  • The chair does not have a full-body stretching program.
  • Not ideal for very tall people.
  • The chair does not offer vibration option

Our Finding:

A sleek massage chair with good massage features suitable for your pocket.

4. FWD Zero Gravity Electric Shiatsu UL Approved Massage Chair

Decent & Contemporary Massage Chair

This full-body electric massage recliner comes with 32 airbags meant to comfort strategic body parts.

A space-efficient model has two heating pads in the back area to enhance the massage experience. A sturdy model with a capacity to accommodate heavy and tall users.

3 pre-set auto massage programs for an excellent massage.


  • The zero-gravity function ensures total relaxation.
  • The 14 massage points along with other parts provide a rejuvenating experience.
  • 32 strategically located airbags from arms to hips.
  • Multiple airbags for hip and waistline that inflate for compression massage and align lower back and pelvis area.
  • When combined with a heat therapy system, it helps muscles and joints recover faster.
  • Offers good support to the head, shoulder, neck, back, waist, and lower limbs.
  • Full-wrap leg airbag massage.
  • It comes with 3 auto massage options for different massages, including a full stretch to the body.
  • Adjust power speed and airbag pressure to customize massage on feet with two foot rollers.
  • Foot-side airbags do a surrounding and squeezing massage. Together with roller’s rolling and rotating stimulates the acupoints in the feet to minimize problems.
  • Efficient on space.Easy-to-operate remote-control for various massage functions.
  • No noise when massage is on.


  • Rollers do not go up and down. They change directions.
  • Does not recline when not in massage mode.
  • Does not have intensity control.
  • Not suitable for persons with large calves.
  • Poor quality of plastic and leather reported.
  • Does not scan the body.

Our Finding:

A contemporary massage chair recliner with a multi-massage option.

5. BestMassage Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner

Advanced & Elegant Massage Chair

This electric chair comes with 7 massage modes and has an in-built smart body scan technology to custom-fit massage. 21 strategically located airbags for total head-to-toe massage.

Heating bags in back and foot to enhance the massage experience.

It comes with a 9 pre-set auto massage program with different massage methods for a memorable massage experience.


  • Chair position adjustable as per need.
  • Allows for control of speed, width, and intensity up to 3 levels.
  • 4 massage points provide a completely soothing massage.
  • Good support to the neck, shoulder, waist, back, and leg.
  • Heating option for a foot massage.
  • 21 airbags for strategic parts and heat therapy for recovery from aching muscles.
  • Airbags for compression massage to hip and waist and to position pelvis area and lower back.
  • Smart body scan to detect body size for an individually customized massage. The chair automatically adjusts massage intensity.
  • Different massage modes; 9 pre-set auto massage programs for different massage methods.


  • No in-home repair for the item.
  • Slow product replacement policy.
  • Not very comfortable for very tall people.
  • Does not specifically target the neck.

Our Finding:

An elegant massage chair with hi-tech massage features ideal for home, office, or living room.


Q. What is the airbag compression mechanism for massage in massage chairs?

A. The airbags in the chair expand and contract to compress muscles firmly. This improves blood circulation and relieves tension in tight muscles.

Q. How does the heat therapy in the massage chair help?

A. Heat therapy expands the blood vessels and thus promotes blood circulation. As nutrients and oxygen are supplied to these vessels, the soreness and pain in muscles and joints reduce.

Q. What is the computerized body scanning technology in a massage chair?

A. This is an advanced technology where the chair traces the size, shape, and curvature of your back. It then adjusts the rollers as per each user.

Q. Do massage chairs come with additional features?

A. Yes. Some massage chairs are Bluetooth-enabled and also have a USB plug.

Q. How often can a massage chair be used?

A. Till one gets acclimatized to massage, a single session in a semi-lying or sitting position is recommended. After that, two sessions of 15-20 minutes is a healthy option.

Q. Is the use of the massage chair prohibited for some people?

A. Yes, pregnant women and those who have recently undergone surgery should avoid using the massage chair.


From the massage chairs under $1000 reviewed above, we pick BestMassage’s full-body, electric, Shiatsu massage chair recliner as the best.

Its L-Track frame structure stretches the spine to increase blood flow to vertebrae. The massage chair reclines in the zero-gravity mode for complete relaxation. It also comes with in-built heat therapy, air massage system, stretch, and vibration.

Among its many pluses is the feature to adjust the angle of the massage chair as per convenience. One can adjust the speed, width, and intensity of the massage up to 3 levels.

The chair has good airbag coverage for buttocks, legs, and feet. As many as 21 airbags provide compression massage to arms, shoulder, hips, thighs, calves, and feet. The four massage points work with other areas for complete support.

It offers heat therapy for waist and soles to aid faster recovery and increased blood circulation.
The smart body scan technology scans the body to detect the body size for a body specific massage.

The built-in sensor measures the length of the spine and adjusts massage intensity according to the user’s body weight. You can select from 9 pre-set massage modes, along with an added stretching program for the body.

Also available in manual massage functions.

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