1 Best Office Chairs Under $300 in 2021 - Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Office Chairs Under $300 in 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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An office chair plays a crucial role in your daily productivity at work. If you have a wrong chair, your success will be limited.

You need a chair that has ergonomic benefits as well as optimal sitting comfort.

Nonetheless, the cost should be paramount. 

Below is our in-depth review of the best office chairs under $300.

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Check out our detailed reviews of the top best office chairs under $100 below:

1. REFICCER Executive Office Chair

Best Napping Chair

Designed to accommodate heavy-weight individuals.

Big and tall people often get tons of challenges when looking for an office chair. If you are in that category, this REFICCER executive chair fits the bill. It has a weight tolerance of 350 pounds.

Another unique feature is that it has a double-stitched bonded leather cushion. As such, it improves the user’s comfort and overall sitting experience.

It has easy-to-use pneumatic controls to allow you to lower or raise the seat. They also allow you to rock back in your chair as you relax.

You can use this product as a napping chair since it reclines to about 135 degrees. Such a recline favors small-sized individuals. If you are large-sized, then cross your legs to allow your both feet to stay on the footrest.

Besides, it has a substantial and sturdy construction for optimal support to heavy people. It has nylon rolling casters and a heavy-duty base.

The user can adjust the seat's height up to 21.7 inches to adopt a comfortable position.


  • It is wide enough to offer optimum comfort to big people.
  • It has a lumbar pillow which is depth-adjustable.
  • It has a double stitched bonded leather seat padding for more comfort.
  • It is made of sturdy and durable materials to increase its support and lifespan.
  • Rocking back in your chair is easy with the help of a tilt tension knob.
  • It has a waterfall seat edge to ease pressure on the back of your legs.


  • The seat needs personal assembly after purchase.


REFICCER executive chair is fit for big and tall people and offers perfect lumbar support.

2. AmazonBasics Executive Office Desk Chair

Best Full-Body Support

​Ideal chair for gamers and computer enthusiasts.

AmazonBasics is a tall and big chair that is ideal for an office environment. Admittedly, it is one of the best office chairs under 300. Its outstanding features will automatically distinguish it from the rest.

On the face of it, the chair has excellent lumbar support. Such a design makes the user maneuver easily on the seat without back pain challenges. There is an adjustable swivel that enables you to turn around your working desk.

You can adjust the height of this chair to suit your needs. The availability of the pneumatic lift will help in height alteration. The ergonomic design of this chair allows it to be comfortable throughout its usage.

This chair is perfect for you if you love sitting on your computer for too long. It is also ideal for gamers.

Its entire upholstery is bonded leather. The material is durable and has a high-end look. Remarkably, the seat has a five-pointer base with hooded caster wheels. Still, the user will take advantage of a 360 rotation.

The manufacturer built this seat to enable full-body support. Or even better, it has cushioned arms and ergonomic back padding. The padded cushion will enhance the sitting comfort.

The sturdy design will enable this seat to tolerate a weight limit of 500 pounds. The spacious chair accommodates all sizes of people. Also, you will have unrestricted freedom to move around.


  • The chair can withstand a considerable weight of 500 pounds.
  • The excellent lumbar support will reduce or eliminate back pains.
  • The sturdy and durable materials make it long-lasting.
  • The rotational design allows unrestricted movement around your desk.
  • Its soft cushion enhances the user’s comfort.


  • It is prone to wear and tear with time.


This chair is ideal for prolonged computer usage to people of all sizes.

3. Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair

Best in Lower Back Support

Leading chair in ergonomic functions.

You can put Sihoo into consideration if you are looking for the best office chair under $300. Moreover, you will enjoy a head and neck support due to a fully adjustable headrest. Your lumbar will also get a boost from the adjustable lower back.

The presence of 3D armrests that are adjustable can suit many office applications. Still, there are rotating handrails that can turn at 360 degrees. Its recline position ranges from 90 to 120 degrees to suit your preferred angle.

You can adjust the seat height to a vertical trip of 4 inches. The ergonomic design will eliminate spine complications. The seat's shape will align with the shape of the human body to increase comfort.

The user gets better thigh support as a result of a lower seat padding. You can use it for long sessions without feeling the pressure on your spine. More importantly, you will experience the sitting comfort.

The premium material construction makes it last longer. It also has a durable aluminum base, which is wear-resistant. Such increases the overall stability of the chair.

It has noiseless castors that roll and rotate freely to enhance movements. As you buy the product, you enjoy a one-year warranty.


  • The user will enjoy a one-year warranty with a replacement guarantee.
  • It has a durable design to serve the user for a longer duration.
  • Its ergonomic design lowers the pressure of your spine.
  • The soft cushioning enhances the sitting comfort.
  • The adjustable height makes it suitable for various sitting positions.
  • The flexible armrests will enhance any office applications.


  • The chair tends to be less comfortable to some users because of the mesh upholstery.


This chair is ideal for people with back and neck pains.

4. Flash Furniture HERCULES Series

Best for Relaxation

The chair aligns perfectly with your body shape.

The Flash Furniture chair is ideal if you want to relax and perform your duties. The ergonomic design of the adjustable headrest is critical.

It perfectly aligns with your body shape. Moreover, you will not experience some spinal injuries due to its natural curve. It also offers convenient lumbar support.

The seat boasts of a comfortable seat cushion that provides a cooling effect. You can use it over an extended period without feeling the heat. The breathable design allows air circulation to eliminate any sweat.

One other feature is that it can accommodate a maximum weight of 500 pounds. The driving reason is that the seat has an elegant, sturdy frame. More so, it is among the best chair desk under $300.

Also, it has a robust frame modeling to withstand pressure. Its seat cushion is comfortable to use as it comes from environmental green foam.


  • The seat can carry a heavy load of 500 pounds without breaking.
  • The 360-degree swivel makes it convenient for use around the desk.
  • The soft padding enhances seating comfort.
  • The breathable mesh allows air circulation to provide a cooling effect.
  • It is sizable to accommodate tall and big-bodied individuals.


  • It lacks height-adjustable armrests.


Ideal for heavy-weight people and offers a breathable mesh back.

5. HON Wave Big and Tall Executive Chair

Best in Versatility

Ideal for people of all sizes and shapes.

Hon Wave Executive chair is versatile that can accommodate a variety of people. They range from tall, big, short, and small. Also, it comes with a sturdy design. The total weight limit that the chair can hold is 450 pounds.

Another ergonomic feature goes to its armrest. The armrests can turn vertically in an upward and downward motion.

Additionally, they can turn sideways. Such flexibility allows it to support your arm's natural postures comfortably.

Another exciting feature is that there is a lumbar piece in the backrest. You can adjust it to support a specific area of your back. The chair can recline and tilt to a particular angle. Unfortunately, the recline angle is ordinarily shallow.

Most importantly, the product has a durable body. The sturdy wheels and resin base enable it to move on different types of floors. They also give it the ability to support heavy-weights.

Hon Wave chair proves to be among the best ergonomic chair under $300. It has a solid rocker and firm padding to enhance comfort with a long-lasting appeal. You can easily set up this chair in less than 20 minutes.

While sitting on this chair, you will enjoy a cooling effect that enhances comfort. It has a meshed cushion featuring double-layer padding. The design enables you to use it over an extended period without feeling any discomfort.

You can easily customize your height to suit your level. The arrangement is possible since the pneumatic lift will activate the adjustment.

The seat also supports your neck and back for better blood circulation.


  • It has an adjustable lumbar to support your back appropriately.
  • The seat is sizable to tolerate heavy-weights and different sizes of people.
  • The flexible armrests will conveniently align with your arm's positions.
  • It has top quality materials featuring breathable mesh.
  • The double layers of padding enhance comfortIt has an adjustable tilt tension.
  • You can smoothly move around due to the presence of a 360-degree swivel.


  • It lacks step-by-step assembly instructions.
  • It is a slightly narrow seat.


Designed for comfort and lumbar support.

Best Office Chairs Under $300 - Buyer's Guide

More often, many buyers drown into the confusion as they go to the market. One of the primary factors that lead to such frustration is the lack of proper details.

It is essential to understand the specific elements of your product. As a result, shopping will be easier and more enjoyable. Below are crucial factors that will help you select the best office chair under $300.

1. Design

It is possible to buy a chair that will not give you long-lasting service. In that regard, you ought to be careful not to fall into such a trap.

Carefully examine the type of materials used in making the chair. It will determine the longevity of the chair after purchase.

For instance, a chair that features flimsy plastics on wheels is not durable at all. The wheels, base, and the entire upholstery should be of sturdy material.

Leather, fabric, or mesh materials can have compromised durability. Some manufacturers go for fake low-quality materials because they are cheaply available. As such, you should always put quality above all other features.

2. Comfort

Comfort in an office chair comes in different intensities. Usually, it is in terms of the chair’s upholstery and lumbar support.

Breathable material increases the user’s comfort even with prolonged sitting. It gives the user a cooling effect, thus preventing unnecessary sweating.

However, it may not be as comfortable to sit on as the non-mesh chair. As such, the choice of upholstery solely depends on you.

Spinal complications are painful and costly to treat. You, therefore, need a chair that has excellent lumbar support features.

An ergonomic chair will boost your metabolism and enhance blood circulation.

3. Adjustability

An ideal seat should give the user an allowance to alter its settings. There are different settings that one may use to meet specific needs. The most common adjustable settings in an office chair are height, depth, and tilt.

However, different people prefer different settings depending on their comfort needs. Nonetheless, go for an office chair that has these adjustable features.

Also, ensure you know your dimensions, the height, seat width, and depth requirements. As such, you can look for a chair that is in that range.

4. Chair’s Weight Capacity

You should know the weight tolerance of your seat. An office chair can easily break when overloaded. Also, it may not function well at its maximum weight capacity.

As such, you should first know your weight and that of your prospective chair. It is recommendable to buy a chair that holds slightly much weight than yours.

The chairs discussed above are fit for all people, including big and tall individuals up to 500 lbs.

5. Pricing

Expensive chairs do not always mean high quality. Also, not all cheap chairs have compromised quality.

However, some cheap office chairs have less comfort and ergonomic features than their counterparts. As such, features should be of first importance when looking for a good office chair.


Does an expensive office chair mean high-quality?

No, that is not always the case. However, most expensive office chairs have additional ergonomic and comfort features for the user.

Most of them are also sturdy, stable, and durable, unlike the cheap office chairs. Therefore, you should consider the features, upholstery, and base materials of the chair. These features are likely to give you the actual quality of that chair.

How long can you last on an office chair while comfortably sitting?

The frequent use of a standard office chair is 8 hours a day. However, with an ergonomic chair that has lumbar support, you can extend to 12 hours and beyond.

What should I look for in a good office chair?

A good office chair should give you support and comfort for long hours. As such, it must have ergonomic features that support your back to avoid spinal injuries.

Also, a good office chair should have a soft yet firm cushioning to enhance your comfort. It should also have adjustable features like height, armrest, and tilt.


An office is a place that requires proper design for it to a suitable environment for work. You can spice up the office condition by buying an appropriate chair.

Office chairs are the leading causes of back pains for working-class people. It is, therefore, worth it to invest in a good ergonomic office chair.

From the five office chairs reviewed above, we recommend REFICCER Office Chair as our best product. It is a multi-functional office chair that fits a variety of styles.

It has pneumatic controls for rocking back and height adjustment. It has a high-quality bonded leather upholstery and a sturdy heavy-duty base.

The chair is built for heavy and tall people.

It has a high-density foam padding and a high back for optimal lumbar support.

It also comes with adjustable height and seat depth.

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