1 Best Sectional Sofas in 2021 - Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Sectional Sofas in 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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A sofa is a focal point in your home. Finding one is not easy.

You should make sure you are comfortable when reading, watching TV, entertaining your guests or just chilling on it.

Here is a top 5 and guide for finding the best sectional sofas to help you avoid making an expensive mistake.


The Stone & Beam Down-filled Oversized loveseat sectional sofa set checks the list for all the things a good sofa set should have. Compared to the other products, this offers more comfort and promises longevity. It is sold as a single piece, thereby leaves room in your living area.

The best sofa must have the best quality fabric that you can easily clean. If you are a family person and have kids, then certain fabrics will not work for you. It has a longterm warranty that lasts up to 5 years.

The Best Sectional Sofas

In-Depth Review of the Top Best Sectional Sofas:

1. 5pc New Modern Microfiber Big Sectional Sofa Set

Leading Quality Fabric


2 tone colour. Dark grey + grey. Includes ottoman, left sofa, right sofa, corner sofa, and an armless chair. Perfect for any occasion.

If you are looking for a modern and stylish sectional sofa, then this is for you. This 5pc big section sofa set has a beautiful contrast of two shades of grey. The bottom half has a dark grey shade that syncs well with the upper light shade of grey.

The sofa pieces can rest on both black wooden or metal legs. The simple design makes it look cool even with no legs. The classy finish and attention to detail will bring an instant class to your living room.

It has a smooth microfiber finish that gives the sofa a classy look of sophistication. You will have comfort because of the 3.0 high-density foam cushion seats. The seats are deceivingly firm yet very soft and comfortable.

The sofa has a solid wood frame that makes it durable. It is also big and can fit the whole family. It has a simple layout and can make many transformations based on your living room layout.

This unique piece of furniture can fit any home. It has both modern and sleek appeal. The set up includes an ottoman, armless sofa, left sofa, right sofa, and corner sofa.

  • The seats are super huge and spacious to fit the whole family and your guests.
  • They are a bit bulky, but that’s what makes them durable.
  • Comfortable and easy to clean.
  • Straightforward, fast and easy to set up.
  • It has a good set up description on the manual.
  • It lacks the upper shoulder and neck support.
  • It is quite expensive.

2. 3pc Contemporary Microfiber Sectional Sofa with Chaise Ottoman S168RG

Best Aesthetic Value

3pc Contemporary Grey Microfiber Sectional Sofa Chaise Ottoman S168RG

2.8 high-density foam sitting cushions. It includes a right-chaise left sofa and ottoman set.

This couch is memorable and has a high aesthetic value. The pieces are deceivingly light and easy to move than they appear. Though light, they hold very firm once they have been fixed together.

The seats have 2.8 high-density foam seats. They are both firm and comfortable at the same time. Extremely spacious to fit two people comfortably. The couch has 4 dark grey pillows that have the microfibre finish making it smooth on the skin.

This 3pc sofa is also the best sectional sleeper sofa. It has a dual functionality that makes it easy to convert into a queen-size bed.

If you must buy a sofa, the obvious item in the checklist is durability. Designers of the sectional sofa use an all solid wooden frame. The grey colour of the sofa gives any room the right ambience. The wooden legs have a shiny black finish that complements the grey light grey cover of the sofa.

The couch is simple to set up, especially if you have a drill to make holes faster. You can be as creative with your setup as you wish. The pieces include a right chaise sofa, the left sofa, and an ottoman set.

The design is simple and convenient. It is what makes this authentic furniture suitable for a modern lifestyle.

  • Relatively reasonable price for an excellent sectional sofa set. A classic example of value for money.
  • Easy to assemble and dissemble. This is an advantage if you have to move into a new home.
  • Comfortable and wide enough for two people to sleep in.
  • It is suitable for the family and when you have friends over. The sectional sofa is also functional and can function as both a sofa set and a queen-size bed.
  • The complete set up gives a good colour impression of dark grey pillows on light grey seats.
  • It comes without a setup instruction. It can be very frustrating before you eventually figure things out.

3. Stone & Beam Down-filled Oversize Loveseat

Most Ranked in Comfort & Quality

Amazon Brand – Stone & Beam Lauren Down-Filled Oversized Loveseat with Hardwood Frame, 74"W, Fawn

Durable performance fabric. Stain-resistant, moisture repellant with a solid hardwood frame.

This single piece of love seat sofa prides in its quality. Firstly, the oversized and overstuffed comfortable cushions make it comfy. It is so soft you will sink in it. This classic sofa is a necessary addition to any living room.

Besides being modern and stylish, it has high-quality performance fabric. The fabric is a moisture repellant and stain-resistant. The fabric is easy to clean. Spills and mud dog paw stains clean easily and leave no stains behind.

The material is also pet-friendly as it does not hold or attract pet hair form our hairy friends. The material is smooth and makes easy work of vacuuming the loveseat.

The light soft grey colour matches everything making your sofa a focal point of your living area.

There is a slight difference in firmness between the seats and the back cushions. The back cushions are firm by design.

They are supposed to break over time. This piece of sofa set was designed by smart people who factored in everything.

The designers are so confident with the design of the seat that they gave it a three-year warranty.

This overstuffed loveseat has a solid body that helps it to last a long time. The quality finish of this furniture is exceptional. The material is durable yet so soft.

The seat is assorted with the same shade of grey back pillows and cushions that will retain their shape long after you buy and use them.

  • High quality, high-performance fabric.
  • Because it is stain resistant, it makes it the ideal sofa for raising kids and puppies.
  • Incredibly soft and fluffy. Redefining the new levels of comfort. The cushions will not wear out quickly.
  • The sofa requires no setup.
  • You can buy a matching ottoman piece separately.
  • The arms are firm and have fewer pads. Very uncomfortable to lay your head to rest on them. You need an extra-thick pillow.
  • The ottoman is in two pieces. The bottom part has no connection to the top par. This is a problem when you have to move the ottoman.

4. Meridian Furniture Modern Gail collection

The Sofa with the Smoothest Texture

Meridian Furniture 664Grey-Sectional Gail Collection Modern | Contemporary Velvet Upholstered 3 Piece Sectional with Deep Button Tufting in a Rich Chrome Finish, Grey, 127" W x 69.5

It has deep tufts, chrome legs that give it a modern finish. Plush velvet and double chaise sectionals.

This is fine living at its best. The design of this sofa set gives it a modern high-end posh feeling. It offers luxury and style.

Its main appeal is the two chaise ends on both sides. This adds to its comfort. It is very spacious, and this will make you find couch time to be rewarding.

The plush velvet is the one that gives this unique piece of luxury seat its appeal. Together with the deep tufts, the velvet contributes to a classical look.

These seats come in four colours giving you options to match with your walls easy. The deep impressions left by the tufts on the front and sides.

It is a family seat that is modern and able to sit many people and guests. Its legs are of chrome, giving it a rich taste.

It is also suitable for families with pets like cats as it is claw resistant.

The fabric is easy to clean and is also fur proof. If you have pets, then you know how they can be destructive. Pets chew and claw into soft fabrics like sofa sets.

The cushions are quite firm but very comfortable.

It has a very fair asking price, and the quality matches.

  • Affordable and gives back value for money with the stylish, modern pieces of furniture.
  • Spacious and has both left and right chaise.
  • Claw and fur resistant. It makes it durable and will serve you a long time.
  • No complicated setup.
  • The cushions are firm and stiff. It can be uncomfortable before it softens up.

5. 7pc Outime Patio Brown Rattan Sectional Garden Sofa

Dual Purpose Indoor & Outdoor Lounge Seats

Outime Patio Sofa Brown Rattan Garden Sectional Sofa Set Outside Furniture Wicker Couch Outdoor Rattan Sofa Conversation Sets Royal Blue Cushions 7pcs

Different sofa arrangement formations. Silky blue cushions, outdoor garden furniture.

You will love the stylish blend of royal blue seats with the brown finish. It has such an elegant finish.

It is a piece of garden furniture, but you can as well use it in the living room. The 7pieces gives you options in arrangement formations tapping into your creative edge.

The section sofa fabric is easy to clean. The cushions can be removed and washed or just dry cleaned to remove tough stains easily. You can use it outdoors because it has a water-resistant polyester fabric.

It uses the traditional cushions giving the seat a blend of contrasting worlds between modern and traditional finish.

The sectional sofa is a modern concept that allows freedom of different seat formation. The colours will create an ambience in your living room, making it lively. You can experiment with different coloured pillows to add flair.

It is very easy to set up the pieces together. Makes moving the furniture around to be easy. What you will enjoy most, however, is the ability to use the seats both indoors and outdoors.

The fabric is very hardy, and therefore it will last you for years without thinking of a replacement or repairs.

  • Suitable for both outdoors and indoors.
  • Water-resistant fabric and an easy to clean removable cushion covers.
  • Stylish and colourful.
  • You can experiment with different sofa formations.
  • The wicker is of good quality which makes the entire set blend with the placed cushions.
  • Poor set up directions.

Best Sectional Sofas – Buyer’s Guide

People are moved by different specifications when looking for a piece of furniture. Choosing a sectional sofa is not different. A sofa set will define your house for a long time. As it is the first thing that people notice when they visit your home.

Sectional sofas are used as decoratives to complement the larger living room area. They should make people feel homely and welcome. A good sectional sofa should, therefore, be inviting in nature. Something that literally screams ‘sit on me’.

When hunting for a new sectional sofa, consider the bottom test we do for matresses. Sit on it until you find the one that feels comfortable. Afterall, sofa sets are good, lounging spaces.

Consider the following steps to make a good purchase:

  • Colour

You should settle for a colour that works with different spaces. The temptation to go with neutral colours is a safe option. But you can be daring and bold as well to try different colours. People consider sofas as statement pieces. Experiment with colours and colour your life positively.

  • Size

The space you have determines the size of your sectional sofa. Limited spaces may need just one love seat while huge livingrooms may take 3-7 pieces. Avoid overcrowding and find the best use of the space available.

  • Choosing the Fabric

The right fabric will determine how long your sofa lasts without getting damaged. There are some standard specifications to consider. Waterproof, dustproof, microfibers because they are easy to clean. Texture over smooth because smooth surfaces wear and tear faster.

  • Cost

Not all overpriced sofa sets are quality guaranteed. Some are expensive investments that can turn out to be a mistake. When judging cost, or on a budget, consider sales offers to find the best sofa deals. Look out for clearance sales, and you can get lucky to find the sofa you have been eyeing.

  • Pattern

Do not be shy to try out different designs. They are useful in heavy usage areas because they hid the stains well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have units made to my own measurements?

Most sofa companies work with pre custom measurements. But the client is always a king because the client is the end-user.

How is the furniture constructed?

The frames are of solid wood that gets blocked at the corners and screwed. All the cushions are high-density foam and free from chemicals like flame retardants.

Do you have a warranty on items sold?

Yes, they give out warranties on specific conditions. The item should not be used in a commercial setting. It has a limited warranty ranging from 1-5 years depending on the item you have bought.

What are my fabric options?

They have a variety of fabric samples to choose from. They also have other fabrics that have unique textures and upgraded fabrics. These may add up to 25.-40% of the cost. Some clients prefer to get the standard fabric and only upgrade the pillows at a low charge.

How much will the delivery cost?

This entirely depends on your order. Specifics like weight and distance differ with every order. However, they have standard charges on all deliveries within a 40-mile radius.

How long should I wait for my delivery?

Once you make your order, you will be informed on the date to expect your delivery. If there should be a delay with your delivery, they will keep you informed of the new delivery date.


You should always settle for the best sofa deals. Your comfort and style are important and should never be compromised. This review has highlighted some of the best sectional sofas available.

It is not easy buying a sectional sofa set online, especially if the sofa is expensive. However, the best performance based sofas will often have good reviews. Check what other users are saying before you commit to buy.

It should be easy to find a good sofa set if you are on a budget. You can start by buying a single love seat and add to the number with your growing sitting needs.

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