1 Best Standing Desk Chairs in 2021 - Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Standing Desk Chairs in 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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There is a drastic lifestyle change to healthy living across the globe. This change is not only about eating habits but also sitting habits.

Sitting all day at work can be draining. As such, you need a standing chair.

Read on to find the best standing desk chair for you.

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Our Extensive Review Of The Top Best Standing Desk Chairs:

1. Seville Classics Standing Desk Stool

Best for Correcting Poor Posture

Seville standing desk chair is height-adjustable from 20 inches to 28 inches. It has an excellent airlift lever, which allows quiet and quick pneumatic adjustments.

The stool rotates at 360 degrees, and it leans up to 10 degrees from the center. Doing so allows users to swivel, tilt, spin, and wobble with ease.

The chair offers active sitting, which helps burn calories and build muscles. It also reduces a sedentary lifestyle, thus promoting healthy living.

It serves as a sit-stand adjustable chair. This means that it is a backless rocking chair if sitting and a barstool if standing.

Its plush half-dome seat padding offers excellent comfort to users. The cushion is firm and has a strong reflexive bounce.
As such, it encourages micro-movements as you try to keep balance, thus engaging your core muscles. Doing so also helps corrects poor posture.

Seville Classics is made with a breathable mesh fabric, making it an ergonomic standing stool. It can support an individual weighing up to 250 lbs.

The chair has both contemporary and modern designs. It fits well in offices, homes, and other working spaces.

Moreover, it has a non-slip base for perfect stability whenever you place it. As such, it is ideal for adults as well as children.

Seville Classics Airlift 360 Sit-Stand Adjustable Ergonomic Active Balance Non-Slip Desk Stool, Black


  • It allows active sitting, which in turn improves the user's health.
  • The 360-degree swivel and the 10-degree tilt allows you to coordinate multiple projects.
  • The stool helps stretch your back and leg muscles as you sit. Doing so relieves any existing pain on these muscles.
  • It can rise to 28 inches, making it a perfect companion for standing desks.
  • It has easy airlift height-adjustment.
  • It can support weighty users, up to 250 lbs.
  • It has a rubber base which keeps the stool intact as you wobble.
  • It helps in building core muscles and correcting posture.
  • Requires easy assembling, with no tools


  • It lacks armrests and backrest.


This chair is ideal for those who long to have a healthy sitting

2. Learniture Learning Stool

Best for Exercising your Core while Sitting

​Do you need a comfortable chair that strengthens your core while sitting? Learniture stool is the perfect choice for you.

It has a simple design and is light in weight. One of the most significant advantages of this chair is its seating base.

The base is exemplary sturdy since it is made of thick polyurethane foam. It is also coated with a vinyl foam, which makes it easy to clean.

Learniture’s seat base is a bit curved. This feature allows you to exercise your core while sitting.

It has a pneumatic gas lift which can adjust the seat up to a height of 28 inches.

The standing desk stool is height-adjustable. As such, it can be used by anyone above ten years of age.

Storing and moving the Learniture stool is easy because of its lightweight. It also has a backless design that enhances good posture.

Learniture Adjustable-Height Active Learning Stool, Black, LNT-RIA3052BK-SO


  • It supports teamwork because it is easy to move from one place to another.
  • It helps to strengthen your core while sitting.
  • It comes in multiple colors, thus, suitable for your office or home decor.
  • It is straightforward to clean and requires low maintenance.
  • It allows a wide range of motion which enhances your productivity and focus.
  • Its backless design strengthens core muscles and encourages proper posture.
  • It has an attractive design.
  • It is sturdy and stable even at a maximum tilt


  • You may experience difficulty while assembling this item.


Very useful if you want to encourage proper posture while strengthening core muscles.

3. SONGMICS Standing Desk Stool

Best for Wide People

​SONGMICS is one of the best standing desk stools in the market today. It is suitable for both office and home use.

It has a 360-degree swivel that facilitates your movements on your working desk. It also has a tilt of 8 degrees in all directions.

The seat is large, 14.6 inches, and comfortable to enhance your daily productivity. This chair is ideal for working, drawing, reading, or teaching.

It had a high-density reflex padding, which is 2.6 inches thick. As such, it enhances the user's comfort, and it is durable.

The standing stool has two levers underneath the seat. They help to adjust the seat height from 19.7 to 27.6 inches.

To assemble the chair, you don’t require any tools. You only need to put the seat’s pole into the holes on the base.

It has a sizeable anti-slip base of 16.1 inches. The base ensures that the chair is always stable for reliable and safe use.

The base also has a PVC pad that protects your floor from scratches. As such, this chair is ideal for tile, carpet, wood, and any other floor type.

SONGMICS Standing Desk Chair, Adjustable Height Ergonomic Standing Stool, 360° Swivel Sitting Balance Chair, for Office Home, Red UOSC01RD


  • It has swivel and tilt features which help reduce fatigue from prolonged sitting.
  • It is height-adjustable to match your desk’s height.
  • It has a thick foam padding to enhance comfort throughout your sitting period.
  • It has a PVC anti-slip base which makes it ideal for a variety of floors.


  • The seat pad cushion is a bit firm.


An ideal chair if you desire to increase your productivity in the office.

4. AIMEZO Standing Desk Chair

Ideal for All Working Floors

Would you like to burn calories, improve your health, and increase focus while working? Then you should consider using the AIMEZO standing chair.

The seat base is a soft sponge made of pure polyester material. The chair has a steel lift pole, which gives it durability.
It also has a non-skid surface, which allows you to tilt safely. It has a weight capacity of up to 100kg.

The chair’s height is adjustable from 25.9 inches to 35.8 inches. It is easy to assemble and disassemble.

There is an under-seat button through which you can adjust its height. It is ideal for all types of floors, including carpets.

The AIMEZO Standing Desk Chair has a length and width of 15.7 and 12.8 inches, respectively.

AIMEZO Ergonomic Sit Stand Stool Height Adjustable Standing Desk Chair Active Stool Sitting Balance Chair (Red)


  • The chair is very sturdy and durable.
  • It allows you to lean slightly, swivel, tilt, or lock. Doing so gives you a fantastic sitting experience.
  • The chair’s height adjustment feature makes it perfect for both standing and sitting desks.
  • It has a broad base which makes you comfortable while sitting.
  • This chair can be used in any workplace


  • Its seat pad is likely to flatten out after continuous use.


It is suitable if you want to burn calories, improve your health, and increase focus while working.

5. Kore Office Chair

Best Standing Chair for Office Use

The Kore Office Chair merges comfort and design. It is an active sitting stool that lets you tilt, rock, swivel while working. It is superb for the office environment.

It comes in two varieties, Everyday Plus and Standing Desk Plus. The Everyday Plus is height adjustable from 18 to 25 inches.

On the other hand, the height of Standing Desk Plus is adjustable from 21 to 32 inches. As such, this standing desk stool is perfect for short and tall people.

It has an ergonomic base that allows flexing and movements while sitting. As such, it helps increase the productivity and comfort of the user.

This chair lets you exercise your abdominal muscles, legs, and back. Doing so eases any stiffness or soreness.

It has a counter-balanced base that provides ample stability to the user. You can, therefore, take any position on the seat without fear of falling off.

It has an anti-slip base, thanks to its rubber coating. This coat prevents scratches and skids on your floor. The features and quality of Kore make it the best standing chair for office use.


  • The chair grips most surfaces due to its rubber coating.
  • It is fit for a variety of users due to its height-adjustability.
  • It enhances good posture, productivity and optimal focus due to active sitting


  • Has no arms or back frame.


It is convenient to users of any height as you can easily adjust it.

Standing Desk Chairs - Buyer's Guide

Standing desk chairs are quickly gaining popularity in the furniture market. Unlike standard office chairs and drafting chairs, they keep you active throughout your sitting period.

Most standing chairs allow you to sit on the front part of the seat. As such, you sit at an angle close to 135 degrees while keeping an almost upright posture.

A standing desk stool allows you to take two postures, leaning and perching. Leaning is that posture that is almost fully upright.

Perching, on the other hand, allows you to bend your knees slighting more than leaning. These postures reduce tension on your back, legs, and feet and give a bit of support.

If you use a standing desk at your workplace, you need a standing chair.

Making such an investment needs you to have specific knowledge beforehand. You would not want to commit your hard-earned money into a worthless product.

Below are essential factors that will help you purchase the best standing desk chair.

1. Be Ready for the Transition

There is a big difference between a standing chair and a standard office chair. Using a standing chair can feel awkward and uncomfortable for beginners.

Since you adopt a new sitting posture with this chair, your muscles can experience some soreness. Also, sitting at the front edge of a seat is something you must be ready to adopt.

If you are a new user of standing chairs, you should expect some numbness in the initial stages. Your feet soles and shins may also experience some soreness.

Nonetheless, the benefits of this chair override its initial troubles. Also, the soreness fades away with time as you get used to this chair.

Therefore, you must be mentally ready for these changes in the transition period.

2. Height Adjustment

Just like other office chairs, some standing desk chairs have a static height. Others have varying height-adjustments to a certain level.

You should avoid a non-adjustable standing chair at all costs. It can be grossly uncomfortable, especially if it is not at par with your standing desk.

Therefore, before considering any chair for purchase, know the height of your desk. Then, compare it with the height adjustability of the prospected chair.

Some standing chairs are also designed for specific heights. Therefore, take into account your height to ensure your feet land well on the floor.

3. Weight Capacity of the Chair

Standing chairs have a varying weight capacity. For the sake of durability, go for a chair that is within your weight bracket.

Usually, you will find the weight capacity of a chair in the manufacturer’s manual.

4. Consider a Footrest

A footrest is a fantastic compliment to a standing desk stool. Standing chairs put a lot of weight on your feet when they are flat on the ground.

You end up using the front of your feet to support your entire body. However, using a footrest puts your feet in line with your legs.

Doing so distributes the weight equally to the heels. It also enhances your comfort, and you can use the chair for a longer time.

5. How active is the chair?

The main aim of using a standing desk stool is to keep you active throughout an activity. As such, you need to ensure that the chair has features that support movements.

Check if the chair can tilt, swivel, wobble or spin. Such activities help to exercise and strengthens your core muscles. They also aid in calories burning, thus keeping you fit.

A chair that has a reflexive seating cushion is an added advantage.


Should I use a standing desk chair as a replacement for my office chair?

It is not a good idea to replace your office chair for a standing stool. Instead, you can use it as a complementary chair.

Usually, the maximum time you can sit on a standing chair in a row is two hours. Also, you cannot keep a good posture for too long without backrest or armrests.

In an office setting, it is recommendable to have another standard chair. You can switch between the two in intervals throughout your workday.

Nonetheless, standing chairs are perfect in computer labs, conference rooms, and collaborative spaces.

Why do most standing chairs lack backrests?

According to research, seatbacks may be harmful to back muscles. They are mostly human conveniences in these modern times.

However, a backless standing stool enables the user to sit higher than usual.

It increases the hip angle, thus activating the core muscles. This activity keeps the spine in its natural curve.

Can kids use standing desk chairs?

Yes. Most standing chairs have a sturdy non-slip base and are height-adjustable. As such, they are safe for children to use.

How can a standing desk chair help me burn calories?

Only standing chairs that allow active sitting can help you burn calories. They must have a swivel, spin, tilt, or wobble function.

Also, the seat cushion must be springy to keep your core active. This activeness is what causes you to burn some calories. It also helps to reduce a sedentary lifestyle, thus improving your health.

Nonetheless, this should not compromise healthy eating habits and regular exercise.


A standing desk chair has tons of benefits to the human body. It promotes active and healthy living.

Many people across the globe are embracing the use of this chair in offices and homes. It is one of its kind because it can go higher than a standard office chair.

It also allows your feet to touch the floor, unlike drafting chairs. Most importantly, it will enable movements and forward tilt to keep you active while working.

From the review above, our top choice for standing desk chair is Seville Classics Standing Desk Stool. It stands out from the rest because it has the best active sitting features.

It can swivel, tilt, spin, and wobble in any direction while working. It is also a sit-stand adjustable chair which has a firm reflexive cushion.

As such, it keeps your core muscles active. It also has a breathable mesh fabric, which is an ergonomic feature.

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