1 Best Wall Hugger Recliners in 2021 - The Complete Guide

Best Wall Hugger Recliners in 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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How does it feel to have the comfort of a recliner and not having to make significant changes to your existing furniture?

Great right?

That’s what the best wall hugger recliners or zero clearance recliners do. They are designed to be placed close to the wall when there are space constraints in the house.

These recliners can be pressed against the wall as they are more upright.

- at a glance -

Our Top Picks - Comparison

1. Unik Always Power Recliner with Extended USB Lounger Chair

Stylish and Spacious Recliner

One look at this power recliner, and you will know it should be in your home.

Durability and elegance come together in this contemporary recliner.

Upholstered with PU, which is easy to clean and resistant to stain.

Uses far less space. Thick padded arms, back cushions, and smooth adjustable reclining mechanism.

Spacious seating, nail head trim, and tufting pillow-top cushions.


  • Made from durable and stain-resistant PU leather
  • Footrest mechanism made of durable steel
  • The multi-position setting for reading, watching TV or taking a nap
  • The frame of the recliner made from hardwood
  • The frame fits through doors 30” or wider
  • Backrest reclines at 110 degrees and 145 degrees with comfort and thick cushions
  • Side latch simultaneously lifts leg rest, and the back slides downward
  • Nailhead trim adds to the exquisiteness of the recliner
  • Two power button and USB interface below the right arm


  • No mentionable negatives of the product as yet

Our Finding:

This recliner is a star performer.

2. Eshion Wall Hugger Microfiber Recliner

Comfortable Option

You will instantly fall for this contemporary Oakwood microfiber wall hugger recliner.

It’s as cozy, comfortable, and as sturdy. The frame is covered with the soft and low-maintenance microfiber fabric.

The recliner is thickly padded, has wide arms, and is lever-operated. The frame fits the body perfectly.

It’s full-size Ottoman gives soothing support to legs and tired feet, allowing you to stretch and relax completely.

You can choose from chocolate, light brown and sage.


  • The recliner is upholstered with a microfiber cloth, which is soft and easy to clean
  • Thick padding on the back, arms, and seat for a relaxing experience
  • Easy to assemble
  • Operates at the turn of a lever.


  • Chair found to be hard and uncomfortable
  • Falling of screws reported
  • Arms may become wobbly

Our Finding:

A fine contemporary zero clearance recliner at a throwaway price.

3. Microfiber Recliner Storage Arm Cup Holder Wall Hugger

Storage -Friendly Reliner

​This pro-storage wall hugger recliner comprises storage area and cup-holder on both arms.

Stays a few inches away from the wall and uses less floor space.

Available in black and red.


  • The recliner is upholstered with 100% polyester microfiber
  • The cushions are made of high-density foam, no-sag springs, and polyester fiber
  • The recliner’s frame is made of hardwood
  • The reclining mechanism of this recliner is built from steel
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great to have a storage area in a zero clearance recliner
  • Two cup holders in both arms· It reclines to almost flat
  • It needs only 4” of distance from the wall
  • The recliner consumes less floor space


  • It may take some amount of pressure to put down the foot
  • Some may find neck area not overly padded

Our Finding:

This recliner is excellent for storage. Your best buddy during movie time.

4. ProLounger Wall Hugger Recliner Chair

Classic and Elegant

This classic statement recliner made of khaki microfiber is lever-operated.

Cushions are made of polyester fiber, high-density foam, and independently wrapped pocket coil spring.

This space-saver recliner has ultra-padded arms and a full chaise pad between chair and leg.


  • Made from durable, stain-resistant 100% polyester khaki microfiber
  • Installed with an easy-to-operate lever on the side
  • Cushions filled with high-density foam, polyester fiber, and independently wrapped pocket coil spring system. The pocket coils react to pressure separately, thus minimizing movement and allowing for a more buoyant feel.
  • Easy to assemble· Sturdy inbuilt
  • It reclines to almost flat
  • It does not give off any bad odor.


  • In the case of tall people, the head and feet may hang
  • Chair reported being of poor quality
  • Complaint of footrest not closing easily reported
  • Fabric appears to be thin
  • The chair does not offer support to the neck

Our Finding:

This classic recliner adds a touch of class to your living room or den.

5. RecPro Charles Collection 30" Zero Wall RV Recliner

Durable and Convenient

This set of 2 wonderful zero clearance recliners from RecPro Charles collection is made from durable and convenient-to-clean faux leather.

Saves considerable space because one, it is a wall hugger and second because it is compact.

Available in chestnut, mahogany, and putty.


  • A great option for those who want seating but not sofa per se
  • The leather is easy to clean
  • Recliner extends fully enabling you to sleep
  • The recliner is lightweight
  • Stylish design
  • A compact and space-efficient recliner
  • The Tiona-patterned style gives a scale effect


  • Faux leather quality may be reported to be bad but replaced

Our Finding:

A sleek and elegant recliner set.

Wall Hugger Recliner - Buyer's Guide

What is a wall hugger recliner?

We all know recliner chairs or sofas are great furniture pieces to have. However, these are ideal when there is ample space in the house. Then, what should those staying in studio apartments or small-size houses do?

Fortunately, there are the wall hugger recliners or wall away recliners or wall-saver recliners. These types of recliners are an innovation over the traditional recliners.

So how is a wall-hugger recliner different from a traditional recliner? 

In a wall hugger recliner, the chair moves forward as you recline back. So basically, you recline away from the wall.

It is this mechanism that saves space. Whereas in a traditional recliner, the back of the seat is lowered downwards and the footrest upwards at the pull of a lever or press of a button.

What should be the distance from the wall at which I can keep the wall hugger recliners?

We recommend around six inches of space between the headrest when in an upright position and the wall. However, the distance to be maintained by wall hugger recliners will vary from brand to brand.

You may have to allow for an additional few inches of space for curtains or heaters or air vents so that it does not obstruct airflow and pose a safety hazard.

What points must one keep in mind when buying wall recliners?

It can be tough picking a zero clearance recliner given the wide variety of styles and features. To make things easy, we have put together the following points to help you choose the right one.

  • The topmost factor determining a purchase is the comfort level of the recliner. The padding of the chair is crucial, and the size must also be considered.
  • Wall recliner chairs are available at all price points. The most economical recliner may not be very durable. Be prepared to spend on good quality recliners.
  • Keep in mind space in your house where you will be placing the wall recliner. Carry the measurements with you so that you can match the details with the product.
  • Pick a style that suits the décor of the house or the room.

Are there wall hugger recliners for even smaller spaces?

Yes, there are the small wall huggers who are specially designed for spaces such as boathouses and smaller apartments. These are compact recliners that come in sizes ranging from 25 inches to 30 inches wide.

Besides this, these recliners need to be placed 2-3 inches away from the wall to make room for reclining. Some small wall huggers have swivels for free movement of the chair. It also allows for rocking the chair and as a traditional recliner for more comfort.

This type of recliner comes in doubles too. Some recliners come with added functions such as a tray or computer area connected to it.

What else is on offer?

Such is the variety in recliners. Wall huggers are available in 2- and 3-seat sofas too.
Interestingly, there is one wall-saver medical recliner also. This is the Art of Care Wall-Saver Medical Recliner and is distributed by Hillrom.

It is designed to provide support to patients. Its pushback wall-saver mechanism keeps the recliner 3.5 inches from the wall when fully-seated.

This saves space and minimizes damage to the wall. The medical recliner is available in open or full arm styles. It comes with wood arm caps standard or optional urethane arm caps in the full-arm style.

It has a weight capacity of 300 lbs and comes with accessory hooks and raise/recline assist handles. It may have a removable arm, tray table, and accessory brackets. Choose from over 1,600 fabrics and eight finishes.

This helps the Wall-Saver to personalize to facility-specific tastes and needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Q: What is the difference between a standard recliner and a wall hugger?

A: In the former, the backdrops downward, while in the latter, the chair glides forward.

Q: Do I need a standard recliner or a wall hugger?

A: Well, if you own an apartment or a studio, we recommend a wall-hugger recliner. A small wall hugger is uniquely suited and designed for spaces with constraints.

Q. Does a zero clearance recliner need as much space as a standard recliner?

A; The space a it takes is much less than a standard one. The only space it needs is when it tips forward.

Q. What designs are ideal for a home?

A: A double recliner, that functions as a loveseat and reclines together or individually. A reclining rocker for the afternoon feeds an excellent addition to the nursery.

Q. What designs are ideal for office?

A: Go for a sophisticated, traditional look such as bold zigzag stripes or black leather- upholstered small wall hugger recliner.

Q. Which are some of the good wall-hugger recliner brands?

A: Some of the popular brands of wall hugger recliner this year are:

  • RecPro Charles Collection
  • Esright Power Lift Remote Controlled
  • Ashley Signature Design Cork Zero Clearance Recliner
  • Handy Living ProLounger Recliner Chair
  • Eshion Wall Hugger Microfiber Recliner


From among the wall hugger recliners we have reviewed, we would pick Unik Always Power Recliner with Extended USB Lounger Chair as the best.

Going by the reviews, it has not received any negative reviews as yet. Speaking of its pluses, it is classic in appearance, what with the stain-resistant PU leather resembling fine leather.

Also, the brass accent nails and the nailhead trim add a touch of class to the entire look.

Most importantly, it is oversized, offering ample comfortable seating. The frame is made of sturdy hardwood. It has a two power button and a USB interface on the right. Overstuffed cushion and pillow on the back help alleviate pain.

Thickly padded arm and back cushions eliminate body pain. The side latch simultaneously lifts leg rest and reclines the backrest. The backrest reclines at 110 degrees. Seats and footrest made of metal reinforced. It is considerably space-efficient.

Overall, the recliner combines functionality and elegance in more ways than one.

This is truly a perfect wall-hugger recliner.

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