1 Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs in 2021 - Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs in 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Hunting for methods to de-stress yourself after a tiring day?

Getting the best zero gravity massage chair for home would be a splendid idea.

It may seem pricey to some initially. Have you ever evaluated the cost and time spent at spa facilities? Considering the benefits of investing in a massage chair with air is a better option.

In this post, we have outlined the best picks that will suit your preferences.

How Does Zero Gravity Massage Chairs Work?

Zero gravity consists of chairs inspired by NASA. This places you in a weightless position. You will find before liftoff in space missions, astronauts reclining in chairs having zero gravity features. This inclination safeguards your body from stress during gravitational variations.

Are you wondering why massage chairs have the zero gravity feature? This is because it offers various health benefits. Zero gravity chairs diminish stress and enhance comfort and relaxation. This makes it the best feature for massage chairs.

As you sit on the chair, your feet are then elevated to a higher position, and the upper part of the body reclines. This results in an even body mass distribution resulting in weightlessness.

The zero gravity option is suitable for those suffering from the following:

  • Heart ailments.
  • Varicose veins problems.
  • Neck and back pains.
  • Arthritis in the knees.
  • Spinal issues.
  • Neck arthritis or cervical spondylosis.
  • Health conditions due to body weight and gravity variations.
  • Excessive stress concerns.

Enjoy zooming into the world of relaxation and calm using these chairs.

For further information, go through this video:

Comparison Chart

1. Kahuna SM7300 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Superior Performance

Kahuna SM3700 is the latest model that has the SL track technology integrated into it. This feature enables it to massage well along the spines curvature. It extends from the neck to the lower back and to the buttocks area.


  • Best suited for both large and heavy sized individuals up to 320 lbs.
  • Suitable for those who are above 6 ft and 5 inches due to the extra hip and shoulder length.
  • The six-wheel roller system is an upgraded version that allows you to relax your back muscles.
  • Offers a massage that has a similar feel to that of human hands.
  • Has 9 automatic massage programs that enhance your relaxation level.
  • The various programs are easily accessible even in the zero-gravity position.
  • Pain relief mode alleviates back and joint pains by massaging into the specific sports.
  • Relaxation and yoga stretching mood involve the stretching of the muscles to relieve stress.
  • Comes with hip air massage technology.
  • The Foot and calf massage gives a comfortable relaxation to your legs.
  • Has acupressure points that are present in the armrest.


  • Remote control lacks multiple options.
  • Next support was not adequate for some uses.

Our Finding:

It also has various massage techniques. These include knocking, kneading, tapping, and Shiatsu.

2. Osaki OS-4000 Executive Zero Gravity Chair

Affordable Choice

Searching for the most advanced model of massage chairs? Osaki OS-4000 is a great pick. Inspired by NASA, it has a 2 stage zero gravity positioning.


  • Hip and lumbar squeeze offer relaxation to the lower back region.
  • For massaging the shoulders, the shoulder airbag massage option is available.
  • Allows you to recline in a horizontal position with an elevated feet level.
  • Offers compression and twisting movements due to the deflation and inflation of the air cushions.
  • Provides precise and accurate massages.
  • Comes with a computerized body scan system that analyzes the contours of your spine.
  • Equipped with an advanced S track technology.
  • Helps in decompressing each disc present in the spine, providing a relaxed feel.
  • Foot and calf massage can make adjustments based on the length of the leg.
  • Arm air massage airbags present in the armrest relives the tensed muscles.
  • On either side of the lumbar region, two heating pads are present.


  • Can’t use more than 60 minutes as it has to cool down.
  • Foot massagers are faulty in some units.

Our Finding:

This unit has a compact and wireless remote. You can control the main options using this remote while in a reclined position.

3. Real Relax Favor-03 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Versatile Option

Real Relax Favor-03 has lots of relaxation options coupled with zero gravity positionIng. You will find three stages of zero gravity here. They are deep zero gravity, comfort zero gravity, and initial zero gravity.


  • Has an exclusive armrest linkage feature attached.
  • Be it in the lower or raised position, the armrest automatically changes as well.
  • The backrest contains 8 massage points.
  • Compression massages are available for the legs, hip, arms, and shoulders.
  • To relax the tight muscles in the shoulder area, 4 airbags function together.
  • Relives tension with the help of 8 airbags that you can wrap over your arms.
  • For the sides and hip area, a vibrating massage is available that comes with the round airbags.
  • 2 Shiatsu massage points help in providing deep massage to the feet.
  • 24 airbags surround the calves to elevate pain.
  • Can hold a maximum weight capacity of 440 pounds.


  • Not suitable for Darlene digits.
  • Some units were defective on arrival.
  • In certain areas, the airbags kept popping out for some users.

Our Finding:

This unit has a heat therapy which is a bonus. This allows the heat to radiate from the lower back to give a good massage.

4. Medical Breakthrough 4 Massage Chair Recliner

Great Shiatsu Pick

Are you suffering from neck or backaches? Medical Breakthrough 4 Massage Chair is the perfect choice for acute pains. Designed by over 25 chiropractors, doctors, surgeons, and pain experts, it offers the best therapeutic pain massage.


  • Holds the approval and certification from the FDA.
  • By just pushing a button, you can attain the zero gravity position.
  • Digitalized body scan learns about the contours and shape of your body well.
  • Comes with an L track system.
  • Imitates human touch with the help of four movable rollers.
  • The rollers move on the vertical axis to give the perfect massage.
  • Comes with additional padded cushions to give a comfortable experience.
  • Can move around your office or house easily, due to the presence of wheels at the bottom.
  • You will find different shapes and sizes of healing air cells across the chair.
  • The heating function can be easily activated by just pushing the button.
  • Offers a full body massage from the top of the head to the soles of your feet.


  • Does not function well for doors having a bodyweight a bowl 250 pounds.
  • Not equipped with sufficient instructions

Our Finding:

This chair makes use of 6 massage techniques. It also uses air massage technology that has 3 modes with 3-speed levels.

5. RelaxonChair MK-II Plus Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Most Comfortable Option

RelaxonChair MK-II Plus ensures that the users get an upgraded full body massage. They are available at an affordable price range with incredible settings. Its made using high-quality materials, which results in a rejuvenating feel.


  • Equipped with 3 stages of zero gravity positions.
  • These positions reduce discomfort due to back pain and release the stress on your heart muscles.
  • Has an L tracking massage system in the buttocks area.
  • Activating the tracking system starts the rollers. This glides from the top of the neck to the lower back area providing a complete massage.
  • By using built-in sensors, it can take computerized body scans.
  • The scans measure your spine’s form and decide where exactly to massage.
  • For adjusting the intensity of the massage, three-speed control options are present.
  • Deep tissue massage has a similar feel to that of human touch.
  • Multiple airbags in the hip area provide compression massage to align your lower back and pelvis.


  • The massage techniques do not have sufficient intensity.
  • The airbags are a noisy foursome.
  • Massage rollers do not move in some units.

Our Finding:

This model has the approval of the FDA and is also registered as a medical product. It also comes with a remote control that makes things easier for you.

Buyer's Guide

Follow our guide to find out the essential requirements as you pick the perfect unit.

How To Choose The Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair? 

Zero gravity massage chairs have various techniques that can be confusing to pinpoint. Here we have some factors that will make things easier for you.

Design –
You will find that these chairs are available in various shades. All these have a unique look that offers smoothness to the surface. Among the high-quality models of the zero gravity chairs, it’s quite uncommon to find blazing red or unpleasant choices. The majority of these units are full-body type models. That is, they offer massages from the neck area to the lower back and till the feet.

Some of the higher-end units have large consoles attached. This provides a great visual experience where you can look at the different options and their functioning.

Brands –
Most of the brands producing the zero-gravity models are popular options. Based on the innovative settings, choose the one that fits your needs. Due to the immense competition among the massage chairs, the ones having more reliable techniques and programs fair well. Online reviews help you make better choices. Keep in mind to look out for comfort and relaxation as you review through the various brands. The high-end features should only come as secondary options.

Cost –
This unique zero gravity feature belongs to the top tier among the luxury models. However, you will find affordable options, as well. Even among the low-priced options, this massage chair comes with incredible options and settings for interested buyers. Wish to go beyond the basics that are available among the low-cost units? The deals are wide open. Extra features are usually retailed at higher costs. The additional computerized programs make it the best investment for long time use.

Features –
Facing chronic health problems? This massage chair comes with lots of benefits that will seal the deal. If you exclude the zero-gravity features, it’s the same as any other type of massage chair. The zero gravity feature is what makes it unique! With heating elements and various technologies, it excels at meeting user needs. With the reclined position, you can relieve stress and improve most health concerns.

Size –
You need sufficient space to make the best use of this chair. This is because it consumes more space than a standard unit. Hence, before you make the final decision, measure the area you’re planning to place it. Also, make sure that there is sufficient space around the chair to attain a reclining position. Planning to keep more than one in a single room? Keep in mind that for small areas, it can get congested.

Benefits Of Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair

These chairs are fully loaded with various benefits that will help you to relax. These include:

  • Regulates blood pressure due to the proper flow of blood in the body.
  • Leg massage features help in diminishing the swelling in the feet and legs.
  • Decompresses the tight muscles all over the body, particularly the spine.
  • Due to the elevated leg position above the heart level, it enhances the functioning of the lungs.
  • It offers incredible massage for the full body.
  • It provides stress relief to your back, joints, spine, and neck muscles.
  • Relaxes the neck and shoulder muscles with the help of airbags


Can Children Use Massage Chairs?

For getting a good massage, there is no specific age limit. It is advisable for kids to get their massage under the careful observation and consent of their parents. Make sure not to leave your kids alone with such advanced technologies. As a small mishap can cause bigger worries.

Is It Worth Investing In A Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

These massage chairs are worth it for those who need massages regularly. It also allows you to save a lot of cash instead of hiring expert masseuse. Also, you don’t have to make appointments and schedule visits to spa facilities. Without compromising on your convenience, you can make use of innovative technology at home.

Will Massage Chairs Cause Adverse Health Effects?

Most of them are popularly known to rectify back pain and other health issues. But excessive usage may aggravate the pain or twist nerves accidentally. This may result in extreme pain.

How To Maintain Massage Chairs Properly?

They are relatively easy to clean. For leather or faux leather materials, you can use a wet cloth or wipes to clean. Make sure that the chairs are free from dirt, dust, and germs. Also, you can use gentle cleaning agents or conditioners to extend the life of the unit.


Based on features and budget, choose the perfect zero gravity massage chair available. Make sure that it can release your stress and strain after a long and tiring day.

Our top choice goes to Kahuna SM7300 Zero Gravity Massage Chair. It’s the ideal option for those having medical and health concerns. It includes various massage programs you can adjust as per your requirements.

It’s also well-suited for bulky and tall individuals. Due to the incorporation of the Sand L track technology, it offers a unique massage and stretching experience.

With the above information, choose the right model that fits your lifestyle. Grab one and let us know how it changed your life for good. Share your valuable feedback in the comments section below.

Cheers to Wellness and Bliss!

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