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How Long Do Power Recliners Last?

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Power recliners are part of many peoples’ lives today. To some people, they are part of what helps to adorn their houses.

However, too many people, they are the ideal place for relaxation after a long day's work.

Despite being very common in many households, the most comfortable recliners are costly. Nonetheless, they are frequently used, and many a time they are prone to tear and wear.

Because of this, the question of durability comes into the mind every time we think about power recliners. How long do they last? What can you do to make them last longer?

If those are the questions in your mind, this article is for you. This article will help you to with all you need to know about the durability of power recliners.

How Long Do They Last?

This question is the elephant in the room when it comes to purchasing this expensive piece of furniture. Many people are sceptical about spending too much money, only to have their recliners wear out within a short time.

There is no straightforward answer to this question. On the other hand, no chair lives forever. The durability of your power recliner depends on many factors.

However, the rule of thumb is that power recliners can last for about ten years.  How you take care of your power recliner greatly influences its lifespan. Below are a few ways of taking care of your power recliner.

How Long Do Power Recliners Last?

How To Take Care Of Your Power Recliner

Finding a good power recliner is a difficult task. However, to take care of it should not be that difficult.

Here are a few tips to help you take good care and to clean your recliner:

  • For Leather Recliner

The first step to taking care of a leather recliner is to ensure you do not expose it to direct sunlight.

Exposing a leather recliner to direct sunlight makes the leather brittle. The leather then begins to split and crack. Even short periods of exposure to direct sunlight can have the same effects.

To clean a leather recliner, you should duct it regularly. If using a vacuum, you can avoid scratching the surface by using the small brush attachment.

In case of spills, clean them instantly with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid rubbing the leather completely.

To enhance the durability of your leather further, apply leather conditioner at least every two months. A conditioner will help your leather to remain shiny. Ensure you read the instructions keenly before using the conditioner.

  • For Microfiber Recliners

Microfiber recliners are among the easiest to clean. In case of any spills, all you need is a soft cloth to wipe them off.

Always ensure that you use the appropriate cleaning solution. Some microfiber recliners will require water-based cleaners. However, a few others require solvent-based cleaners.

  • For Wood Recliners

To make your wood recliner look good and last for long, all you need is wax or polish.

If you prefer to use a spray, do not spray it directly on the wood. Instead, squeeze it on a cloth then wipe your recliner. Using a cloth will help to avoid scratching the surface.

Alternatively, you can also opt to use a mixture of water and soap. This mixture also works well in cleaning wood recliners.

Regular dusting is critical since it helps to avoid the buildup of dust on your recliner. You can also make use of slipcovers to prevent your recliner from getting dust.

The Mechanical Parts of the Recliner

You need to lubricate these parts regularly by applying oil. Applying oil regularly in the reclining mechanism will ensure that it works well and smoothly.

You do not have to wait until you hear creaking sounds for you to oil. A creaking sound might mean that your reclining mechanism cannot work any longer.

However, always read the manufacturer’s manual to know the frequency of application.

Other factors that affect the durability of your recliner include the type of recliner that you have. In most cases, good recliners are quite costly, but they tend to last longer.

On the other hand, cheap recliners tend to come with low-quality materials that do not last long. Consequently, you should buy your power recliners from reputable stores.

Also, take good care of your recliner. Avoid playing around with the remote controls because it may interfere with their functioning. Keep your recliner from safe from pets, scratches, kids and stains. These measures will help your recliner to last for a long time.

Characteristics to Look for in a Durable Recliner

The Brand: Buy power recliners from brands that have a good reputation. Such brands use quality materials. 

Consider Reviews: Customer reviews give you a clue on how the recliner has performed for other customers. You can then form a judgement from what other customers say. 

Genuine Leather: Where possible, buy recliners that are of genuine leather. Genuine leather, although more expensive, is more durable than many other materials. 

Fabric Upholstery: A fabric upholstery that has woven prints will last longer than one that has painted prints. 

The Springs: Ensure the springs in the recliner are of good quality before you buy your chair.

Are Power Recliners Reliable?

Having said all the above, we need to answer the question on the reliability of power recliners.

Generally speaking, most power recliners are reliable. As technology has continued to advance, the different brands continue to add more advanced features.

As a result, the power recliners of today are better than those of ten years ago.

However, we may not confidently say that all power recliners are reliable. You will need to use your discretion and apply your knowledge to know which are and which are not.

Final Words

In conclusion, most power recliners can last for approximately ten years. However, how you take care of your recliner plays a crucial role in determining how long it will last.

Moreover, the type of recliner and the brand from which you bought it also determines the durability.

Lastly, the materials used in making the power recliner will also determine how long it lasts.

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