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How to Setup X Rocker Gaming Chair

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Gaming as a fun or a profession continues to be a serious exercise by many gamers out there. In the same way, manufactures are also taking the game seriously by creating the best gaming chairs. One such chair is the X Rocker gaming chair.

X rocker gaming chairs are taking over the gaming industry. It is because of its unique features, style, and comfort that they give the gamer.

So, any serious gamer must think about the x rocker gaming chair. If not, then this article is for you.

By the time you finish reading this article, you will have understood how to set up an X rocker gaming chair.

What You Should Know About the X Rocker Gaming Chair

There are different types of x rocker gaming chairs. The color and the material used will depend on the manufacturer of the seat.

The types include:

  • Floor X Rocker chair. the design of this chair is for the floor mounting 
  • Pedestal X Rocker. It is for extra height from the floor and the base stability. 
  • PC/gaming X Rocker. 
  • The recliner X Rocker chair.

For you to choose any of the above x rocker gaming chairs, several features are important to look for in the chair. You have to understand that you will be sitting for long hours while gaming. So, your comfort is crucial.

The chair must protect you against health risks associated with prolonged sitting hours. Features to look for will include armrest, the material used to create the chair, perfect support for the head. Also, look for the neck, lower back, and lumbar support.

Not all x rocker chairs have armrests. BUT, those with armrest, headrest, backrest, and neck rest, should be well padded. The padding ensures proper support for you and your body during long hours of gaming.

Also, consider the durability of the chair. It should give you value for your money by serving you for long. The durability will depend on the material used in creating the chair.

The Setting up Process

Setting the x rocker gaming chair is not an exercise you should worry about. With the right information, you can set up the chair within the shortest time.

The best part is that manufacturers always include the user manual in the casing box. The manual is for you to read and understand what you should do when setting up the chair. 

Initial Setup Process 

The initial process for you to carry out the setup process of the x rocker gaming chair is as follows: 

  1. Remove the chair from the manufactures carrying box. Ensure you pay attention not to tamper or damage fragile parts installed on the chair.
  2. The chair comes with a plastic casing that keeps the chair tidy. Also, Be careful when removing this plastic.
  3. Maintain the chair in the folded position. Do this by placing the backside of the chair facing up while the bottom touches the floor.
  4. Read the manual to understand how the chair will stand or sit on the floor of your gaming area. Once you have finished unpacking the chair and ensuring all the components and accessories are there, continue with the setup.
  5. Reread the manual, this time paying attention to the diagram drawn. You must understand and familiarize yourself with the components. Also, the setup procedure indicated and the accessories that come with the x rocker chair.
  6. Remove the power cable. Note; the power cable should include the adapter. Connect the cable to a power source. Also, connect the same in the socket on the control panel of the chair.
  7. Once connected on the power source, press the power button on the control panel. Confirm that the power indicator lights up.
  8. Adjust the settings depending on what fits your gaming experience. Pay attention to the light's movements and the volume.

After you have confirmed that the chair is up and running, it is time to connect to your best gaming system and TV. There are different gaming consoles. We have PS4, X Box One and X Box 360 and many more.

Connecting the x rocker gaming chair to your gaming console can be in different ways. These ways include:

  • Connection through an HDMI converter
  • Connection via an aux cord
  • Wireless Connection
  • Connection through RAC audio cables and
  • Through Bluetooth Connection

For our case, let us look at how to connect to the X Box One Counsel through the HDMI converter.

9. To connect to Xbox one, ensure that you have the correct cables for the setup. Remember, what works for x box one might not work for x box 360. So, the right cables will work for you. These are what you should have to connect your x box one.

  • 2 HDMI cables
  • HDMI converter
  • The x box one gaming console
  • TV set and
  • Audio cables

10. The HDMI cable should connect to the port on your TV set. Remember, the HDMI cable must connect to the port converter. Likewise, connect HDMI cable 2 to the output port on your gaming console.

11. Look at the audio cables and connect them to the chair's control panel. Pay attention to the color-coding of the cables. The red cable should connect to the red port on the control panel, which applies to the white cable.

When you follow the above procedure, setting up the x rocker gaming chair becomes an easy process. You end up enjoying your gaming experience in the shortest time possible.

Final Words

Any serious gamer has a specific gaming chair in his home. But, the x rocker gaming chair is different from your ordinary gaming chair.

So, the setup is quite different, and so you should do that by following the right procedure. It is the only way that you will be able to realize the uniqueness of this chair.

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