1 Most Comfortable Office Chairs in 2021 - Reviews & FAQ

Most Comfortable Office Chairs in 2021 – Reviews & FAQ

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Different chairs are more comfortable for different people. The features and design determine the level of comfort.

We tested over 20 chairs to get the most comfortable office chairs.

We narrowed down to those features that will make your chair most comfortable and finally, we looked and examined the seat comfort, arm comfort, and back support.

Comparison Chart

1. Space Seating Professional Office Chair

Ergonomic Office Chair

This ergonomic office chair is suitable for both home and office environment. It has an incredible design that supports frequent use even for long hours.

If you spend most hours of your day working behind a desk, this chair perfectly suits your needs. Its design ensures that you maintain a good sitting posture all day, thus keeping you comfortable and relaxed.

What are the Outstanding Features?

It has a breathable mesh backrest with integrated lumbar support. These features give the chair firm back support. They also make it light, thus enhancing the comfort of the user.

The seat has generous padding that improves its breathability and comfort. It has a medium texture which allows you to sit comfortably for long durations. The stitching used is strong enough to support users with heavyweights.

This office chair has five large carpet casters made of high-quality material. It also has an advanced tilt feature that reclines it to your desired position.

What are the Benefits of this Chair?

The caster wheels allow you to slide on the floor, even over a carpet, with much ease.

It has a one-touch pneumatic seat-height adjustment. As such, you can easily alter the seat to suit your desk’s height.

It has an adjustable tilt control, which allows you to lock the back at an angle of your choice.
Its adjustable armrests enhance more comfort as you use it. You can even remove the armrests if your desk does not support them.


  • The presence of pneumatic height adjustment gives this office chair strength and adaptability. Therefore, it can support heavy weight users and yet remain strong and effective.
  • The leather design of this seat gives luxury and comfort to the user.
  • It has padded armrests with soft polyurethane, which makes them more comfortable.


  • Unfortunately, this armchair does not come assembled during delivery. As such, you are to put it together by yourself. However, the instructions manual is easy to follow, and you need about 30 minutes to assemble it.

2. Herman Miller Embody Chair

Helps Reduce Spine Compression

This office chair has an outstanding cushioning system that fully supports your back.

What are the Outstanding Features?

The seat has two layers of springs and a cushioned mat made from high-quality textile. As a result, the user experiences a floating sensation as they sit on the chair. It is very comfortable even if you sit for hours at a time.

The seat has a tilt limiter, which allows you to recline it to any angle that suits your comfort. After that, you can choose to swing freely or lock the backrest to remain steady.

What are the Benefits of this Chair?

The cushioning system of the office chair takes the shape of your back. By this, it gives your back complete support as you sit. These cushions are pixel-like, and they expand or compress whenever you sit on the chair.

After they note the shape of your back, they adjust to an optimum seating position. Any strain of muscles or bones evens out, and you immediately experience the change.

The floating sensation reduces pressure on your nerves and spine. It initiates movement within the chair, which aids blood circulation.

The chair’s height is adjustable with a lever. Also, you can push the seat cushion forward to get more depth.

You can also adjust the armrests of this office chair to suit your needs.

Herman Miller Embody chair is suitable for daily office use. It is preferable to place it at a particular desk throughout.


  • With this office chair, there is no need to worry about back pain. The design of its backrest reduces shoulder strain to a great extent. As such, it offers comfort for long durations.
  • Its tilt system is diverse in that you can either lock the backrest or use a free tilt.
  • Almost all people with different heights can use this office chair. The chair has adjustable armrests, height and seat cushion.
  • The cushions offer great support and enhance comfort.The design of Herman Miller Embody chair is superb and gives it a classic look.


  • This office chair is not easy to move around due to its width and complexity of its arms. Any small movements will have you re-adjust the chair again before you can sit comfortably.
  • Usually, cushion fabrics that have light colours often get dirty very fast. As such, they need extra care because any small stain is notable.

3. Eurotech Ergohuman Office Chair

Made of 97% Recyclable Components

The best thing about Ergohuman office chair is that it fully supports the spinal cord to the neck. Since it has multiple colours, you can be sure to get your favourite.

What are the outstanding features?

With the aid of a pneumatic cylinder, you can easily adjust the height of this chair.

Also, the backrest and headrest of the seat are adjustable to meet your specific needs.

The armrests too are adjustable to give you more flexible movements as you use the chair. This office chair has a three dimensions tilt-lock feature.

What are the Benefits of this chair?

This comfortable desk chair will fit your measurements perfectly. You can always adjust it to the height of your choice. It is ideal for both tall and short users.

You can adjust both the mid-height backrests and the headrest of this office chair. Consequently, the chair adequately and comfortably supports you back. It also supports the back of your head hence relieving your neck muscles.

With Ergohuman office chair, you have the freedom to tilt it to an angle of your choice. The chair has a locking mechanism to ensure it remains locked at the tilted angle. This tilting allows you to distribute your weight evenly.

Another key feature is that it offers lumbar support. Instead of slouching, the chair will help you maintain a good sitting posture. You will, therefore, be less likely to complain of back pains.

Ergohuman office chair comes in a variety of colours. You can always choose the best theme colour that best suits your office needs.


  • Any person can use this comfortable office desk chair. It is versatile since it allows for adjustments.
  • With the adjustable lumbar support, it protects you from slouching. Instead, you get a very firm back support.
  • The tilt locking feature offers you have three tilt positions to choose from. You can also enjoy the chair’s free tilt.
  • The chair offers an adjustable headrest
  • It comes in a variety of colours to choose from.


  • The chair allows anyone who uses it to adjust it according to his or her needs. Consequently, it may be annoying to have to change or reset the tilt of the chair every time a new user sits on it.

4. Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Desk Chair

Soft Yet Durable Chair

Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair is an affordable office chair. It is also very easy to assemble and offers you all the comfort you may need.

What are the Outstanding Features?

You do not need any tools to assemble this chair. To get the chair back to its position, you only have to unfold the seat and the backrest. The two then clicks back to their place automatically.

The chair also features a gas cylinder mechanism. This mechanism slots on the chair’s base. The whole process only takes about five minutes.

Another crucial feature is that it comes with inbuilt lumbar support. The lumber support offers you comfort. It also ensures that you do not slouch in your office chair.

Boss Black LeatherPlus Office Chair is highly durable. It has a textile layer made from a leatherplus material. The reinforced material makes it stronger than normal leather.

What are the Benefits of this Chair?

The chair’s design to help minimize any chance of fatigue building up, especially in the legs. You can, therefore sit comfortably on this chair for long hours.

With the leather plus covering, the chair can endure long and repeated use without wearing out. It is ideal for use inside a home office where you have pets that can at times scratch your furniture.

It is easy to assemble and requires neither complicated tools nor long set up time.

The chair is both luxurious and very affordable.


  • You can set it up in only five minutes and with no tools at all; hence, it is very simple and convenient to use.
  • The chair is very suitable for office use since it has padding that enhances comfort.
  • This office desk chair can support up to 250lbs hence even heavy users can still use it comfortably.
  • The chair’s pneumatic height adjustment feature means that many heights can use this chair.
  • Its design is in such a way to reduce fatigue in the legs.


  • Some users find the swivel mechanism of the Boss Black Executive office Chair difficult to operate.
  • The headrest may not be very suitable for those who are either too tall or too short. This chair may, therefore, not be befitting for people with such heights. 

5. GM Seating Dream Chair

with Genuine Calfskin Leather

GM Seating Dream Chair is one of the most comfortable desk chairs. It supports your back, right from lumbar area to the neck. It comes in either a leather or a mesh model.

What are the Outstanding Features?

This chair has adjustable parts that allow many people to use it. It is possible to raise or lower the chair.

Another feature is that the height of the backrest of the chair is adjustable. This feature allows your lumbar area to fit comfortably in the lumbar support when sitting.

It has an adjustable headrest whose angle you can change back and forward. This feature provides for comfortable support of your neck.

The chair’s armrests are also fully adjustable. You can alter their height and angle. Besides, you can thrust them forward or backwards according to your need.

The chair can be a comfortable computer chair since it allows you to move your arms freely. It supports your arms while typing or writing, and you can always adjust this.

What are the Benefits of this Chair?

GM Seating Dream Chair possesses a professional and a unique look. It can help boost your confidence even as it offers you comfortable support.

This chair will only take you between 15-20 minutes to assemble. The user manual gives clear instructions on how to assemble it; thus, you will not need to worry about it.

There are two types to either choose from – a mesh or leather back. While the leather makes it look better, the mesh makes the chair look modern.

The components that make the chair are 97-per cent recyclable. The chair is, therefore, environmentally friendly for your home or office.


  • Thanks to the adjustable arms, you have the freedom to change sitting positions as much as you may want, and it will not affect your comfort. You can also set your arms in whichever position you want them to be.
  • It only takes between 15-20 minutes to assemble the chair. There is an easy-to-follow manual to that effect.
  • You can also adjust the seat, back, and headrest to your most comfortable position.
  • The chair comes in with a professional and modern look.
  • The chair allows you to tilt it forwards or backwards and lock the tilt to maintain your position.
  • You can easily adjust the height of the back of the chair to support your lumbar comfortably.


  • The chair does not allow you to change the curvature of the lumbar support; hence some people may not see it as a comfortable office chair.
  • The chair is quite weighty hence not easy to carry over doorsteps or stairs.
  • The controls of the chair are not very spontaneous. Consequently, you may require consulting the instructions manual often.


Which Are the Most Comfortable Office Chairs?

Due to the many variables involved, we cannot specifically tell of one chair that is comfortable for every person. Different people have specific specifications when it comes to the kind of comfort they want.

How Can I tell That an Office Chair is Comfortable?

To qualify a chair as a comfortable office chair or a comfortable computer chair, we consider several factors.

First is the quality of the upholstery used. Higher-end types of vinyl are better than low-end mesh, fabric or vinyl.

For a padded chair, go for a moulded foam over a cut foam to get the most comfortable seat and back.

We also advise for chairs with upper back support that has lumbar support. Chairs that have a good natural lumbar curve that is adjustable are more comfortable.

Generally, a chair’s overall adjustability contributes greatly to the comfort of a chair. The more you can adjust a chair, the more comfortable it will be.

Can I Make My Chair More Comfortable?

There are limited ways to make an uncomfortable chair comfortable. You can try accessories such as an extra seat pad or lumbar support. If there are any upgrades you can do for your chair, then go ahead and do them. Otherwise, you may require buying a new chair.

How Do I Sit in an Office Chair Comfortably?

Different people will have different postures. However, the universally recommended posture is the ergonomic position.

We recommend this posture since it puts the least pressure on your joints and muscles. The design of most comfortable computer chairs also allows this posture.

For those who like to recline, it is important you get to know the different recline positions available. A knee-tilt or synchro-tilt mechanism is most appropriate for those who enjoy rocking in their chairs.


Getting the most comfortable computer chair may not be an easy task. You will need to know what you are looking for. The subject of office chair comfort is also very subjective at times.

A chair that is comfortable for one person may not be comfortable for another person. The dynamics of comfort differ from one person to another and also from one chair to another.

However, it is important to look for a chair that offers different options for adjustability. Such a chair will be ideal than one that is limited in adjustability.

With all of this in place, our choice goes to Space Seating Professional Office Chair.

I hope that you can get that one chair that fully meets your needs in your work or home office.

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