Most Comfortable Recliners in 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

The last few shopping seasons have seen an abnormal surge in the sales of recliners.

Some of the most comfortable recliners have registered above-average sales over the previous four to five years.

Does that mean that people are now chucking the good old chair and looking for the best recliners to bring into their living spaces?

Let us explore what is that cuts the mark for recliners.

To make it easy for you, we decided to choose the top-rated recliners on the market today and bring to you recliner reviews based on the market dynamics, customer satisfaction, and online survey and feedback.

The Most Comfortable Recliners – Our Top Picks

  1. Golden Technologies PR 505 – Most Comfortable Recliner on the Market Today
  2. Atlantic Stitched Bonded Leather Recliner Club Chair – Most Elegant of Recliners
  3. Davis Recliner Club Chair – Most Recommended Recliner Club Chair
  4. Marston Mid Century Modern Fabric Recliner – Best In Terms Of Value
  5. Verona V2 Advanced Racing Style Recliner – Hi-Tech Looking Gizmo Kind of Recliner

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1. Golden Technologies PR 505 Recliner – Most Comfortable Recliner on the Market Today

Golden Technologies Cloud PR-505 QuickShip Infinite Position Lift Chair

There is a reason why this in on top of our list. There comforter PR 505 has a host of features that will leave you impressed.

The infinite number of positions that you can try on this recliner is going to make it your favorite piece of furniture in less than a week.

We can guarantee this because we have won this challenge many times over.

It is an electrical recliner and comes equipped with a remote control that is attached to a cord near the outside of the right arm. It is so conveniently placed that even a senior will know where to reach for it.

The remote control enables you to choose the best position and even select it as pre-programmable so that you remember your favorite position and get on it in less than a heartbeat.

  • Capable of so many positions
  • Zero gravity position which allows the feet to be lifted above the level of the heart to alleviate swellings in the feet and legs
  • Comes in three sizes – medium/ medium extra wide and large
  • Customers who have bought it love it and it is evident from the stellar reviews and testimonials that are there all over the internet.
  • Comes in eight different variants
  • Plush and fully padded upholstery makes it one of the most comfortable of recliners
  • There is absolutely no gap between the seat and the footrest and any kind of muscle strain on the feet is completely ruled out.It provides exceptional lumbar support
  • The upholstery used in premium quality and highly durable
  • Very affordable
  • The only drawback of an electrical recliner is when the power switches off. But Golden Technologies top rated recliners have a battery backup of two into 9 volts each. No worries there at all in that department.

Final Word:

The best part about the recliner is that there is absolutely no gap between its backrest and seat. This is particularly important so that you do not end up having a strained back.

For heaven’s sake, your recliner should help you in the back pain and not be a cause for it!

2. Atlantic Stitched Bonded Leather Recliner Club Chair – Most Elegant of Recliners

If you are looking for something that resembles a club chair to go with your classic interiors but that which will double up a recliner once your guest leaves, we have the right thing for you.

Christopher Knight Home’s Atlantic Stitched bonded leather recliners are a great way to add chutzpah to your home décor.
The dark brown recliner chair with an espresso-colored framework is going to become a conversation starter in all your parties and get-togethers.

We will also tell you how people are going to stalk you to tell them where you pick up such elegant stuff. Ssshhhh!

  • Stylish ooh la la
  • It fits everywhere
  • It has durable fabric upholstery
  • Easy to operate. You simply have to push the backrest and the seat will incline to open the footrest simultaneously.
  • The seat is so wide and comfortable that you will not experience spilling out.
  • It is the right combination of design and value
  • The recliner is one of those rare pieces that will actually add a glam touch lifting up the rest of the interior.
  • It is a good balance between the traditional and the modern and that is precisely why it fits everywhere without sticking out like something bought as an afterthought.
  • Completely well made
  • If you are a stickler for detailing, this one is for you.
  • You will need at least about 19 inches from the wall to accommodate reclining the back.

Final Word:

The best part about the recliner is that it is going to go with any furniture and can be placed anywhere. This has a unique design that has the ability to blend in with the existing furniture that you own.

The comfort is unmistakable. The inclined headrest and the footrest are truly relaxing. The recliner has garnered five-star ratings at every website that it has been featured. The testimonials from verified customers will give you a great idea of why you must invest your money in this one alone.

The reclining chair is very affordable and will not burn a hole in your pocket.

3. Best Selling Davis Recliner Club Chair – Most Recommended Recliner Club Chair

The Davis recliner chair has floored us with what it has to offer. Four smart colors a la beige, black, burnt orange and grey are going to make you wonder why not pick up all four!

We are not even kidding. The recliner is so affordable that you will want to pick up one in each color to decorate your home with a beautiful and functional piece like that.

The fabric and wood combination is a winning one. The linen fabric with paisley detailing is such an eye candy that you will want to walk away with it as soon as your eyes fall on it.

Up your style quotient!

  • The backrest tilts up to 35 degrees
  • You will need only 12 inches space between the wall and the recliner as the allowance
  • Apartment sized recliner
  • Fits your body completely
  • Easy to assemble. Comes in two parts
  • Looks great
  • Burnt orange is the most favorite of a lot of customers
  • Low profile but very comfortable
  • Can easily fit people who are between 5.7 inches to 6 feet in height
  • Takes only 10 minutes to assemble
  • The plush and luxurious seat and backrest
  • The recliner cannot be put into a horizontal position
  • Fabric upholstery is prone to staining. Stain proofing it is a good idea

Final Word:

Relaxing on this chair with sturdy footrest; the solid frame of the recliner and the sturdy feet are great features. It promises great stability and strength. The comfort is A1.

But most of all it is apartment-friendly! We know how space-saving your furniture needs to be when you live in a condo where space is really a luxury.

This wonderful recliner is made for small places yet it is comfortably the best place to nap or to curl with a book on a cold night.

4. Marston Mid Century Modern Fabric Recliner – Best In Terms Of Value

This is the second recliner that we are recommending from the same company. Does this say a lot about the people who make it!

The reason why this is on our list today is that it comes in two variations. One is a single recliner and the other variant is a set of 2.

There are eleven bold and beautiful colors to choose from. What this means is that you could end up with a recliner that fits your interiors so well that you will not even have to worry about adjusting anything.

The fabric used is one hundred percent polyester and very durable. The recliner is a valuable addition to any room. It has clean lines, smooth finish and there cannot be any soul who will look at it and make out that a day chair that looks like that can be converted into a recliner!

Surprise them all!

  • Does not take up too much room
  • Very well made
  • Retro look and finishes
  • The product is delivered exactly how it shows
  • Arrives superfast at your doorstep
  • Four sturdy legs
  • Classic and Stylish
  • Well priced
  • Does not look cheap
  • Throw in a cushion and it will double up a living room set
  • The seat is not super squishy but comfortable all the same
  • Do not come with a lever so you need to lean back to bring out the recliner.

Final Word:

The legs are sturdy as they are made from birch wood. They can take a maximum of 300 pounds. The recliner is easy to assemble. There are great ratings on various sites as well.

The recliner chair does not take up too much space and is ideal where space is a costly commodity. You could place in the study or your home office and it will not look out of place even.

Great for catching some well-deserved naps too.

5. Verona V2 Advanced Racing Style Gaming Chair Recliner – Hi-Tech Looking Gizmo Kind of Recliner

Okay, so you are not looking for a reclining chair to come back home to?

Or you are instead looking for a reclining chair that you can use while working or entertaining yourself? We still have got you covered!

This racing style gaming chair with a high backrest and reclined swivel tilt is something that you will get addicted to – in a good way that is.

The tilt and the rocker is a great combination. There is no footrest though.

The seat has an exceptionally good lumbar support that is a sine qua non for someone who spends long hours at the desk or in front of their systems.

  • Very comfortable seat
  • Can adjust height
  • Awesome lumbar support
  • Reclines up to 180 degrees
  • Rocking function included
  • Sleek design
  • Ergonomic
  • Solid nylon composite base
  • Very affordable
  • Doesn’t squeak on movement
  • Precise hydraulics for lifting
  • Feels like an SUV seat
  • The thing that concerns us is that the chair can be a bit narrow for big-bodied users.
  • Doesn’t have a footrest

Final Word:

There are seven dynamic colors to choose from including orange and red.

The chair is ergonomically designed and is made up of a lightweight metal frame with very high-density foam.

The stuff provides sturdiness and is highly responsive.

It is a great marriage between beautiful looks and comfort.

Most Comfortable Recliner – Buying Guide

image of man sleeping in a rocker recliner

Advantages of a Recliner


whether you are buying the recliner for yourself or for your elderly parents/relatives, we cannot stop singing paeans about how comfortable it is to use. Especially seniors are going to love this piece of furniture because it provides them with the correct support and safety that their frail bones badly require.

So many positions to choose from:

A recliner can offer you so many different positions and you can zero in on the one that works for you. This feature is impossible to get in the traditional chairs and the sofas. There are electrical recliners that come equipped with remote controls to switch positions at the click of a button. They also come equipped with a standby battery to withstand the power failure!

Bid Goodbye to all the pain:

Recliners can let you choose the position that works for you. Lifting your legs from the ground allows your body to distribute weight evenly reducing undue pressure on your aching bones and joints. If you or someone that you know is suffering from chronic pains in the neck, the back, arms and then legs, a recliner is the go-to solution to manage all that kind of pain.

Designing and style compatibility:

Gone are the days when recliners meant only one color and one style. Today, you will find recliners in all shades of colors and styles that will add a world of value to your existing home décor.

They fit in anywhere:

The best part about the recliners is that they never feel out of place in any décor. You could match it with the décor of your living room, your bedroom, your office, your study, and your kid’s room and you will see how the design quotient improves by leaps and bounds.

How to Choose the Best Recliner Chair?

Before we get there, have you ever come back after a long day’s grind and fallen asleep with your legs on the footstool only to wake up hours later with a strained back? You have! Then this is for you.

A recliner chair, albeit like the chair, has one unique feature that differentiates it – Proper lumbar support. This feature in the reclining chair is what makes or breaks it. Apart from the excellent lumbar support, you will need a recliner that will allow you to elevate your feet to a level where they are above your heart.

This is called the Trendelenburg position that was christened after the German physicist Frederic Trendelenburg that discovered this position. This position is believed to help in relieving swellings that accrue in legs and feet due to water retention and exhaustion.

To sum up, the ultimate recliner has to:

  • Have a great lumbar support;
  • Allow the person to lift his/her feet above the level of his heart and;
  • Fit your body entirely.

Here is a video for you to watch. It will help you determine how to choose the best recliner with excellent lumbar support –

Our Verdict

Which one is our favorite?

Our upvote is for Golden Technologies’ Comforter PR 505. The recliner has a pending patent for its Maxicomfort Zero gravity positioning technology.

It is one of the best lift and recliner chairs on the market today as per our research and survey.

The benefits of using it include alleviating lower back pain, reduce swellings in legs, ankles and feet, and promote a good night’s sleep.

It is one of those recliners where you can watch TV in a comfortable position. The upholstery is chenille like which exuberates warmth and classiness.

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