1 Real Relax Massage Chairs in 2021 - Reviews & Buying Guide

Real Relax Massage Chairs in 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Some days when you are exhausted, do you fancy coming home to a relaxing massage?

A massage can be a sensory treat for a weak and weary body. It has so many advantages to it.

Alas! Not everyone can come home to a personal masseuse waiting to ebb your pain away.

Therefore we rest our case for massaging chairs.

Comparison Chart

Here are five Real Relax massage chairs that we cannot stop flushing about. Have a look!

1. Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair

The Best Your Money Can Buy

This chair has so many features that you won’t know which feature to be picked the best! To start with, it is the latest on the market, and it has all the best features of a bestselling models.

You can go into the zero-gravity mode at the click of a button and virtually feel weightless. This three-speed massaging chair is going to become a big boon to your family.


  • Shiatsu full body massager and recliner
  • Zero gravity feature
  • Includes Bluetooth attachment
  • Had 6 color changing LED
  • Very affordable
  • Adjustable backrest


  • It is not comfortable for anyone above 6 feet one inch
  • Total capacity of 400 pounds only
  • Comes in three colors only

Our Finding:

This brilliant massage chair comes with 8 back and neck rollers and 50 airbags that are strategically placed to massage every part of the body.

2. Real Relax 2020 3D Massage Chair

The Space Saving Massaging Chair

​This brilliant massaging chair is a top-selling model. It features 3D massage technology with robotic hands that work together to alleviate all kinds of pains and stress.

It has an SL track and is very effective. The massaging chair has a body scan that automatically detects body size and adjusts the back rollers. There are heating pads in the back as well.

The seat will use the scan result to fit the body type.


  • 3D massage chair with robotic hands
  • Recliner that comes with bluetooth
  • Body scan feature for a perfect fit
  • Space-saving & ergonomic design


  • Slightly costly than other models
  • Comes in only one color
  • Comes assembled so may not fit your apartment door size

Our Finding:

This ergonomically designed massaged chair comes with a lot of features and a three years warranty on the parts.

3. Real Relax Full Body Massage Chair

The Most Stylish Massaging Chair

This shiatsu style reclining massage chair has 6 auto modes and multiple massage styles to suit whatever is comfortable for your body type.

You can customize the massage based on the part of the body, speed as well as the intensity of the massage.

You can set it on the rocker mode, also merely by clicking on the “waist” button on the remote. There is also heat therapy in the back and buttocks area and yoga stretch.


  • Full body massage chair
  • Capable of zero gravitation
  • Has rollers and airbags
  • Comes in two smart styles
  • Has foot rollers and 50 airbags
  • Has rocking function


  • Comes fully assembled and therefore can pose entry problems through doors
  • Not very affordable
  • Not suitable for tall people over 6’ 1”.

Our Finding:

The FDA approved recliner is capable of zero gravitation at the press of a button where you can raise your legs above your heart and feel virtually weightless. This alleviates all the stress in your body.

4. Real Relax 2019 Massage Chair

Top Performance Series

Have you been suffering from headaches and stress-related ailments lately? Do you feel your efficiency at work is taking a beating because you cannot concentrate or your body is not able to cooperate?

We know what you need. A full body luxurious massage! No, you do not have to go to any spas. All you need to do is seat yourself in a Real Relax recliner massage chair and choose the massage mode that suits you best.

Your stress is sure to get alleviated even as you settle down in it!


  • Deep zero gravitation
  • It has an upgraded SL track
  • 3D robot hands move over more body parts
  • Has a body scan facility that allows putting the back rollers in space
  • Comes with 3 years warranty
  • Comes with two speakers on the sides.


  • Comes fully assembled and doorway can pose a problem.
  • Is not great for people who are taller than 6.5 feet
  • 2019 model and therefore obsolete in technology

Our Finding:

The chair has a back and arm heating and comes with a foot roller too. The programs are much longer than before.

5. Real Relax Superior Massaging Chair

The Most Hi-tech Massaging Chair

Have you been looking for some smart entertainment while you relax? Here is the one that we all were waiting for.

This model has created the expected splash in the market.


  • Comes with an Android pad
  • Robotic hands
  • Rollers, airbags and heating pad make a great combination
  • 8 programmed massages
  • You can customize your own massage
  • Comes with 3 years warranty


  • The SL track is not very effective for legs and downwards
  • The massaging chair is suitable for people only up to 6.5 feet
  • Footrest has to be extended manually

Our Finding:

This massaging chair has a yoga stretch and a 3D robotic hand technology that extends from neck to the buttocks. It comes with built-in music and video players.

Buyer's Guide

real relax massage chairs buying guide

Why Real Relax Massage Chair?

A lot of people often come to stores with confused ideas about massage chairs. Massage chairs may resemble recliners, but they are far more than that. Here are some of the most apparent benefits of using a massage chair:

  • It relaxes you deeply
  • It helps in reducing blood pressure. If you have lower blood pressure, an excellent rhythmic massage can bring it to normalcy
  • It lowers the pulse rate
  • It reduces ache and pain in muscles and joints
  • It ebbs away tensions and stress
  • It improves metabolism

A massage chair is designed in such a way that it can mimic a masseuse’s hand movements. It uses a combination of airbags, rollers, and pins to massage all the parts of the body, and Real Relax massage chairs have all of these features.

Is Price a Good Determinant to Understand the Quality of a Real Relax massage chair?

Well, if the price were a good indicator, almost all things in the world that were priced high would be of better quality and standing. The reality is that even though it may be a legit indicator, it is not necessarily a parameter to understand if the chair is great and will work for you.

Here is How You Must Determine which Real Relax Massage Chairs are Good For You.

The importance of proper market research can never be undermined. We recommend strongly that you read up as much as you can on the intended type of massage chairs and also compare brands vis a vis quality, features, and price. This will give you a solid idea of what is there on the market and improve your negotiation skills too.

  • Sit down on it!

    Like any other comfort-related stuff that you are buying, try it out before you swipe your card. Once you sit down on the massage chair, you will be able to feel if the shape and the contour of the chair is one that suits your body type.

  • Check for the options for the intensity of the massage.

    Don’t just sit but also ask to operate the massage chair if you are shopping at a brick and mortar place. Doing this is going to give you a fair idea if the intensity of the massage is appropriate for your body.

    If you are someone that likes intensive, more vigorous massage, then you must choose a massage chair that has protruded parts and is capable of strong movements. For seniors and those who prefer a soft, less intense massage, go for small rollers and nodes that can translate into more delicate, more rhythmic massage programs.

  • Spend time experimenting on the chair:

    Much as you will loathe, we are of the opinion that you must not make haste when you are making high-value purchases of things that are directly or indirectly related to your good health. Therefore, sit and experiment on all the chairs that you are considering. Check their pre-set programs to see if they address the problems that you have.

    Pro-Tip: Choose the massaging chair with the most number of possible adjustments. It makes economic sense to do so. It also means that you save on space because one huge massaging chair that will do everything is better than two or three sleek ones that will only massage certain parts only. 

  • Does the massaging chair include accessories?

    Some of the massaging chairs come with accessories such as footrest, more extended armrests, and ottomans that may be inclusive, or you could buy them separately. These accessories can make the massage more specific, or they may have individual vibrating modes to improve on the massage. Consider them if you think they are cost-effective, and you can manage with space-crunching being the norm in apartments.

  • The appearance of the chair:

    The massaging chair market has exponentially grown in the last decade. More and more demand for them has prompted manufacturers to venture into this field. A wide range of materials are used when designing a massaging chair. It could be real wood with cotton upholstery or wool with plastic or engineered wood with synthetic leather PU fabric.

    If you decide to place the massaging chair in your living or master, consider going for material and fabric that closely resembles your existing style. This way, it will not look like you brought the massage later on.

  • Price:

    A massage chair can be a heavy investment. The price range may vary from company to company. Make sure that your budget is one of the parameters that you are working on first at the time of making a choice.

Two main things that you must determine before choosing which one to get home:

  1. Does the massaging chair have all the features that you require?
  2. Does it address the specific areas if your body that need massaging relief?

A massaging chair can cut costly spa bills:

A simple office chair can be an affordable option, but most of these low-priced office types of massage chairs come equipped with a heated pad and a vibrator for the back, neck, and the back of the legs. If you are looking for a luxurious full body massage, then this is not the right thing to get.

A full body luxurious massage chair could be a very wise investment on your part if you regularly visit costly spas or a star rated masseuses for relief from aches and pains. Imagine not having to take prior appointments, stay in the queue, and getting ready and driving all the way to the spa!

On a massage chair, you won’t even be asked to remove your clothes! So much freedom!! The call is yours to take finally.


Q: Can massage chair be bad for health?

A: Massage chairs are safe to use. But there may be categories of people who need to be careful when they are using it. Some of them are people who have dermatological issues like sensitive skin, people who have had recent surgeries or open wounds, and compromised bones. People who have diseases of the heart and other circulatory disorders must steer clear from using massage chairs until the doctors give them a green signal.

Q: How often can I use a massage chair?

A: Doctors will recommend that you use it one to three times a maximum in a week. In a widely circulated medical guidance, you must slowly increase the time that you spend on them. The first week if you have used it for ten minutes, gradually increase the timing to 15 minutes in the next week and so on.

Q. Can a massage chair be harmful to my back?

A; There are cases when a powerful massage session can lead to a herniated disk in the vertebral column or a pinched nerve in the spinal cord. If muscle soreness is experienced, stop use immediately, and apply the ice pack. If the pain does not subside, consult your physician immediately.

Q. Can I use a massage chair continuously?

A: Like all electrical devices, you will need to break and stop it from being able to rest. A massaging chair that has been looked after well with prudence and is well maintained can last over 5 to 7 years. That is a decent time to overcome your investment.


After intense research and careful deliberations, we are of the collective opinion that Real Relax 2020 full body shiatsu recliner is the one that deserves to be at the top.

It is one of those models that were industry pioneers in including Bluetooth technology into massaging chairs.

The 8 massaging rollers and airbags work in tandem to increase blood circulation and improve health and wellbeing.

Happy shopping!

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